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Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) poster printing deadline: February 12, 2014 .


Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research and Scholarship (SOARS) poster printing deadline: April 2, 2014 .


The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides poster printing services to students presenting a poster at a conference.  A student must be the first author on posters submitted to OUR for printing.  Students may want to review the Poster Construction website to learn more about designing a professional poster.  Keep in mind that poster printing is a courtesy extended by OUR that depends to some degree on available personnel.  It is therefore recommended that files for printing be submitted as early as possible.


Learn more about poster printing services offered by OUR.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Format for poster submissions (IMPORTANT - Please review and follow these instructions carefully to avoid delays and additional costs when printing your poster.)

  • Students should create their posters as a PowerPoint slide (i.e., .ppt or .pptx).
  • Please do not use Mac computers to create your slide.  There are always conversion issues and your life will be easier if you just build your poster on a PC.
  • The dimensions of the slide must be set to the desired poster dimensions one side of which must not exceed 42 inches.  For example, a poster could be 42 inches high by 56 inches wide or 56 inches high by 42 inches wide, and the slide dimensions set in PowerPoint should be the same as the dimensions for your poster.
  • Label the file using the last name(s) for each author and the date submitted.  Example, if John Smith and Dave Doe submit a poster on July 3rd their file should be smith_doe_06032013.
  • If you want to schedule a time to meet with OUR and see your submission before it is printed, please indicate this when submitting your file.

The plotter printer in the Office of Undergraduate Research is compatible with most PC versions of PowerPoint. The plotter printer does NOT handle well PowerPoint slides created on Macintosh computers.  Mac slides consistently have content resized, displaced, or completely missing when the poster is printed.  Do NOT use Macs to create PowerPoint slides for printing on the plotter printer.  PC computers are available in OUR, the library, and computer labs.  


*Remember*  OUR will print one poster per payment.  If you desire to reprint your poster, you must pay for a second poster printing.

Time required to print posters

If you would like to have a poster printed for a conference, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to schedule an appointment to print your poster. In many cases, posters submitted Monday through Thursday can be printed for conferences within 3 business days. However, a minimum of 5 business days is recommended in order to assure adequate time to deal with file conversion problems, technical problems, and other issues that may arise during printing. When large numbers of posters are expected _ as with FURC and SOARS - a specific deadline will be established and published at the top of this page. 

Cost to print posters (IMPORTANT - Please review and follow these instructions carefully to avoid delays printing your poster.)

Although many printing companies (e.g., Kinkos, FedEx, OfficeMax) charge $75 or more to print a professional poster, OUR charges $.38 per linear inch for poster printing.  We charge for poster printing in order to purchase supplies (e.g., ink, paper) for the plotter printer and cover the cost of this service.  This price is assessed along the longest edge of the poster, meaning a 42 x 56 inch poster would cost $21.28 plus tax (i.e., 56 inches x $.38 = $21.28). When you enter Maretplace to pay for your poster, please DO NOT ENTER 1; enter the number of inches along the longest side. Your poster must be paid for before we print your poster. If you would like to order a poster printing, please click on the Marketplace icon, fill in the required information, and enter your payment via credit card or electronic check.  


Procedure for printing a poster for a conference

Schedule an appointment with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to have your poster printed.  This can be done by either stopping by OUR (Bldg. 1 Rm. 1603) or contacting OUR coordinator LouAnne Hawkins by phone or email.


You will be enrolled in the Poster Printing link on Blackboard, where you can deposit your PowerPoint file or bring your file on a USB key to the Office of Undergraduate Research to be saved on the computer for printing.  Please make certain that your poster slide has been reviewed by your faculty adviser.  We will print your poster once.  If you want to make changes and reprint your poster, OUR will only reprint it if time permits and a second printing is purchased.


Procedure for printing a poster for a class

If you are a student who needs to print a poster required for a class, please have your professor contact the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) to arrange for poster printing for students in the course. Faculty can review information about printing posters for a course by selecting the faculty icon on the Poster Printing Homepage.