Faculty and Staff Development Programs

The Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL) offers several programs to assist UNF faculty and staff plan, implement and assess CBTL courses, programs and activities. 

Support programs available through CCBL:

The purpose of this initiative is to advance the institutionalization of Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) at the University of North Florida and to affirm the university's public responsibility by integrating community engagement into the programmatic and curricular features of academic departments. Through this initiative, the CCBL seeks to establish “community engaged departments” throughout the University. Only departments selected to participate in the Engaged Department Institute are eligible for grant funding to support departmental curricular integration of various approaches to CBTL. 


Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program

The Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program supports the community engagement scholarship and professional development of UNF faculty members. Faculty members may apply for travel funds to disseminate community engagement scholarship (e.g., presentations/workshops, papers, and posters at professional conferences that primarily focus on community engagement).


Community Engagement Education Program

The Community Engagement Education Program, a professional development program for student affairs personnel, seeks to enhance participant's capacities to include community engagement elements into student affairs programming.  


Community Engagement Participant Summit 

Annually, the Center for Community-Based Learning hosts a Community Engagement Participant Summit designed to bring students, faculty, staff and community members together to share knowledge, goals, and visions for community engagement. Together participants explore opportunities to broaden cross-campus collaboration, deepen engagement and strengthen collective impact.


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The Community Engagement Research (CER) Faculty Fellowship provides opportunities for faculty members to engage in research that measures the impact of Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) and Community Engagement on  students, faculty and the community (partnerships). Such research is critical to informing the broader institution on the value added of Community Engagement to our university and the northeast Florida region


The Community Scholars Program is a professional Community of Practice designed to support UNF faculty members and student affairs professionals in the practice of CBTL activities, enhance practitioners’ knowledge of and expertise in CBTL and develop strategies to infuse CBTL forms of learning throughout the University. 


The Engagement Scholarship Program is a multidisciplinary, professional community of practice focusing on the scholarship of engagement and concentrating on two specific categories of the scholarship of engagement: (1) Community-Based Research and (2) the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning relating to community-based pedagogy.


The University of North Florida partnered with Florida Campus Compact and Learn and Serve America to support the integration of service-Learning into courses that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplinary issues. The STEM Service-Learning Fellows program supported faculty in the redesign and implementation of service-learning courses which aligns with the University’s goal of integrating CBTL throughout its curriculum.