sample-templates Showcase of CMS Layouts 


CMS templates offers several layout choices.
When combined with photo and creative designs, you'll find
great potential for individualization within the UNF template. 



One Column Template


One column templates are ideal for small simple sites or landing pages. This layout omits the blue navigation region on the left, allowing for more room for content or flexibility in creative design. , graphics, etc. It also allows for an additional menu.

Availability: Upon Request


Two Column Template


Two column templates are the most common. They are ideal for the typical Web page of content with navigation on the left.

Availability: Standard


Three Column Template


Three column templates are ideal for highlighting information such as announcements, events, contact information, graphics, etc. It also allows for an additional menu.

Availability: Standard




The template contains a selection of three banner regions that can be used individually or combined. This creative space is prime real estate for static photos, rotating photos, flash, navigation, text, etc. Banners are considered "creative space" for individualizing the site.

Availability: Standard


Navigation: Horizontal


There are multiple options concerning the use of UNF's global navigation versus horizontal navigation on the site:

     1) You may maintain the UNF global (audience) menu

     2) You may replace the horizontal menu with your own.

     3) You may elect to have no horizontal menu.


Alternative ideas include incorporating vertical global navigation within the banner regions.

Availability: Upon Request (configuration assistance required)


Navigation: Vertical


There are multiple options for styling and functionality of vertical side navigation. This includes expand/collapse options as well as the use of headers to delineate sections.

Availability: Standard