Showcase of CMS Features


CMS templates offer easy implementation of many advanced
web features. Because of configuration steps, many of the following are available only upon request. Contact to get started. 



Create a quick way for Web site visitors to find where they have been on your site. Folder breadcrumbs display the path through the site hierarchy to the current page…a trail that essentially says “you are here”.

Availability: Upon request (configuration required)




Create and deliver branded HTML e-mail communications. This tool is ideal for newsletters, invitations, or messages sent to a distribution list. The e-Communication tool assists with the layout of the e-mail and submits it to a workflow queue to be sent via e-mail.  Department must gain approval from Public Relations. Contact Webmaster to learn more.

Availability: Upon request and approval from Public Relations (configuration required)  




Google Analytics

Monitor the performance of your site with Google Analytics. Tracking code is embedded in all CMS templates, providing data on site visitors and their browsing behaviors. For advanced reporting, departments may create a profile and submit tracking code to be partnered specifically to their site. Contact Webmaster to learn more.

Availability: Standard for basic reports. Configuration required for advanced reports. 


Image Rotations

Create dynamic, eye-catching centerpieces to your site using image rotations. Use images from the global image library or your own custom designs. Rotation transitions every 10 seconds. Can include images, text, call-to-action links, etc.

Availability: Standard


Multimedia (Audio & Video)


Audio and video is no longer being hosted from Sharestream. Consider using YouTube or Vimeo.


Online Forms


These CMS forms embed the form in a CMS template, send form contents to your staff via email, and use ReCaptcha technology to prevent malicious abuse of the form. Alternative online forms (outside of CMS) are also available depending on your data-collection needs.

Availability: Upon request (configuration required)


Photo Gallery


The photo gallery feature allows for mass upload of photos, which are sized and laid out in a photo slideshow. Perfect for showcasing events.


Availability: Upon request (configuration required)


RSS (Incoming)


A special RSS template has the ability to aggregate up to 2 incoming RSS feeds from external sources or Web sites. You may designate how many items to consume. The feeds currently display as a third column.


Availability: Upon request (configuration required)


RSS (Outgoing)


Create content that your audience can subscribe to via RSS. Ideal for continually updated feeds of events, announcements, news, press releases, etc.


Availability: Upon request (configuration required)


Structured Content & Lists


One of the greatest features of the CMS is its ability to collect highly structured content with a smart form, format it with a consistent stylesheet. This feature is excellent for creating automatic lists and archives.

Availability: Upon request (configuration required)