Photography and Copyrights

Global Image Library

A global image library is available for use on any website in the CMS. Maintained by Marketing and Publications, the library contains a growing collection of approved images that are cropped and sized to fit the UNF web template. Demonstration of the image library will be provided during user training class. 

Photo Release Form

UNF strongly recommends that departments obtain written approval from people in photographs before using their image in web or printed publications. The intent is to protect the privacy of the individual as well as the interests of the department. A photo release form should be signed by each person who is recognizable in the photo. This includes individual as well as group images. Departments are responsible for keeping their forms on file and are responsible for any liability resulting from non-compliance. This release is suitable for use when:

  • Recording a person's participation and appearance on videotape, audiotape, film, photograph or any other medium.
  • Using a person's name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with these recordings.
  • Exhibiting or distributing such recordings in whole or in part...including educational or promotional purposes.  

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Photographers for Hire

UNF has photography service agreements with several photography students and graduates. Departments seeking professional images for use in publications or on the web are encouraged to take advantage of these resources. Services can include consulting, on-location shoots, digital editing, and more.


UNF's Public Relations office might be willing to cover the cost of student photographers if the images have universal appeal and can be added to UNF's global image library. Contact for more information.


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Student-Athlete Photos

NCAA rules govern the use of images regarding current student-athletes.  While the NCAA allows institutions far more leeway than commercial entities there are some restrictions. Photos located in the CMS global image library are already approved for use, otherwise contact UNF Athletics' Media Relations team.


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Third-Party Logos and Advertising

Copyright laws pertaining to third-party logos and images must be respected. Approval to use the logo should be obtained from the third-party. You should also comply with stipulations in their brand or logo use guidelines, often published in the media relations or press room sections of a company's website. Advertising, partnerships, endorsements, sponsorships and acknowledgements are permitted on official University Web pages only if the advertisement's logo or name is smaller in size than UNF logo in the header of the approved UNF template.