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icon Instructor MBTI Workshop Series - What's My Type?
2.5 Hours

Do you gravitate towards certain people or tasks, find interest in certain jobs or activities but just can't put your finger on why?  In this introductory session of a multi-part workshop series, you will learn how the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI) can help you answer these questions and open the door for an increased self-understanding of what makes you tick, and you might just have a little fun along the way.


*Future sessions will take these concepts and apply them to other aspects of your professional and personal life including communication, ethics, time management, stress management, and learning styles, just to name a few.  This session is designed for individuals who have never taken the MBTI assessment or for ones that have taken it in the past and are either not sure of their type preference or would like to take it again for a refresher.

Audience: A&P, Faculty, USPS, OPS, Student OPS
Prerequisites: The completion of the MBTI assessment approximately one week prior to taking the class.  Please see Kelly Harrison in CPDT for the assessment and any additional information regarding the workshop.

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