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icon Instructor P-Card Banner Training
3 Hours
IMPORTANT! The Basic Internet Native Banner Navigation class (either the instructor-led or online) is a pre-requisite for this class and must be completed prior to your attending this course.

This course is required for individuals who wish to participate in the Visa Procurement Card (P-Card) process as Account Managers or Business Managers. This is a three hour class on the monthly reconciliation process (Banner and AmSouth) and the coding of P-Card transactions in Banner.

The Account Manager ensures appropriate use of the card for each purchase, matches receipts to charges showing in Banner, inputs information and approves transactions, reconciles receipts to printed monthly reports, responsible for maintaining and timely reconciling of reports and receipts, and record retention of receipts, backup documentation, and reports for auditing purposes.

The Business Manager is the backup personnel to perform the respective duties in case of the Account Manager's absence.

Cardholders are welcome but not required to attend this training session. Instead, cardholders must complete the online P-Card Banner Polices & Procedures Training Course prior to the issuing of a P-card.

A Cardholder is a person designated by a department to be given a P-Card to make authorized purchases within preset limits.

Please direct any questions to the P-Card Administrator at ext. 1738.
Audience: All those responsible for P-Card transactions.
Prerequisites: Basic Internet Banner Navigation
icon PDF P-Card Manual
icon PDF P-Card Coding Manual

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