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Policies & Regulations

Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
2.0050P Graduate Transfer Credit Policy 11/12/2007
2.0220P Transient Student Admission Policy 1/14/2008
2.0230P Readmission of Inactive Students 2/16/2010
2.0240P Graduate Program Course Level Policy 7/12/2007 6/26/2008
2.0250P Degree Completion Within Six Years 1/14/2008
2.0260P Graduate Faculty Membership and Review 7/12/2007 7/11/2014
2.0270P Second Masters Residency Requirement 5/10/2013
2.0280P Graduate Program Independent Learning Policy 7/12/2007 1/14/2008
2.0290P Credit Earned as a Post-Baccalaureate 7/12/2007 1/14/2008
2.0300P Graduate GPA Policy 2/16/2010
2.0400P Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 7/8/2008
2.0410P Dismissing a Student from a Graduate Program 7/8/2008
2.0530P Graduate Academic Learning Compact (GALC) 8/1/2010 2/1/2015
2.0600P Graduate Dual International Degrees 8/1/2010 2/1/2012
2.0630P Graduate Admissions 2/1/2012
2.0720P Graduate Certificate Programs 2/1/2012
2.0760P Concurrent Graduate Degrees 3/13/2013