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Policies & Regulations

Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
2.0310P Faculty Employment 2/5/2008
2.0320P Review: Academic Deans 6/2/1998 4/2/2010
2.0330P Transfer of Chair or Associate Dean from his/her Administrative Appointment to a Faculty Position 2/5/2008 5/16/2011
2.0420P Scholarship Reassignment 2/28/2007 10/11/2012
2.0440P Overload Policy 10/16/2001 10/20/2008
2.0490P Annual Review: Academic Chairs/Directors and Associate Deans 8/26/2009
2.0500P Comprehensive Review: Academic Chairs 8/26/2009 10/27/2009
2.0740P Teaching Assignments and Compensation for Part-time Faculty Members 10/16/2001
2.0800P Faculty Syllabus 12/9/1998 3/8/2000