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Admissions - Transfer of College Credit by Examination
Number: 2.0383R

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Effective Date: 7/1/2008
Revised Date:
Responsible Division/Department:
Academic Affairs


The University of North Florida shall accept for credit College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and other State Board of Education approved standardized examinations when presented by students who are admitted and/or enrolled.


  1.  Credit awarded by universities on the basis of CLEP or other approved standardized examinations shall be fully transferable to the University of North Florida. 
  2.  All credit earned by examination while attending the University of North Florida will be included on official UNF transcripts for purposes of transferring the credit awarded to external institutions. 
  3.  Credit earned through CLEP or other approved standardized examination programs shall not be included in enrollment data for budget purposes. 
  4.  Credit by examination guidelines are to be followed when awarding credit. These guidelines are available on the FLVC.org website via the following link:  http://www.fldoe.org/articulation/pdf/ACC-CBE.pdf  


Specific Authority: Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.005 and Section 7(d), Art. IX, Fla. Const.; Approved by the BOT April 17, 2008 and by the BOG June 18, 2008.