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Academic Affairs: Enrollment Services

Withdrawal Policy
Number: 2.0190P
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Effective Date: 8/11/1995
Revised Date: 9/2/2014
Responsible Division/Department:
Academic Affairs / Enrollment Services


To establish a university policy for withdrawal from a course or the university.


Students may withdraw from a course or from the university from the end of the drop/add period through the "last day to withdraw" as indicated in the academic calendar.

A grade of "W" will be assigned upon completion of the withdrawal request process, and no refund is generated. If a student merely stops attending classes without officially withdrawing, a final grade of "F" will be assigned.

Late Withdrawals

If a student misses the deadline for withdrawing, a student may petition for late withdrawal if there are unusual circumstances clearly beyond the student's control. The dean or designee of the student's college has final approval/disapproval authority. The course instructor does not approve or disapprove the withdrawal, but only assigns a grade of WP or WF. The instructor may recommend an action or write an explanation of the applicable circumstances.

This policy does not mean that a student has the right to withdraw from a course after the official withdrawal deadline simply because he/she had a passing grade at the time.


Student can withdraw electronically in Banner Student Self Service or by completing an official withdrawal request and submitting said request to One Stop Student Services by the deadline posted on the Academic Calendar.