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Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
6.0010P Requesting Funds from Central Pool 7/1/2002
6.0020P University Identification Card Policy 1/14/2003 2/24/2012
6.0030P Cell Phone and Associated Services Policy 7/1/2007 7/25/2014
6.0040P UNF Key Policy 5/1/2004 5/26/2011
6.0050P Network Acceptable Use 7/1/1997 7/25/2014
6.0060P Campus Security Cameras 11/26/2008 8/8/2013
6.0070P Decentralized Business and Networking Systems 10/1/2000
6.0080P External Computer Applications Development and Support 11/1/1990
6.0100P Email Distribution (Formerly All Users Email) 12/16/2008
6.0120P Red Flag Policy 3/15/2011
6.0140R Employee Debt Collection 1/17/2012
6.0150P Comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Policy 1/1/2013
6.0160P Ticket Box Office Policy - Non-Athletic and MOCA Events 7/1/2012
6.0170R Camps and Similar Other Programs Involving Minors 6/11/2013
6.0180P Electronic Funds Transfers 10/16/2012