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Grade Changes
Number: 2.0110P
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Effective Date: 07/7/1994
Revised Date: 01/7/2008
Responsible Division/Department:
Academic Affairs / Enrollment Services


To establish policy for making grade changes.


A student's grade may change when:

  1. There has been a factual error made in the original grade assignment.
  2. The student has completed coursework for an incomplete grade by the assigned date.
  3. The student has failed to complete coursework for an incomplete grade by the deadline date assigned by the instructor.
  4. A student successfully appeals a final evaluative grade through the Academic Appeals process. Students may appeal a grade withing 90 days of the time the original grade was earned.



If a factual error is made in an original grade, the instructor may submit an electronic change of grade through faculty self service or a Change of Grade Form signed by both the instructor and the Department Chairperson.

Incomplete Grade Changes:

  1. Students who complete the necessary coursework, the faculty member must submit an electronic change of grade through faculty self service or an Official Change of Grade Form to assign a final evaluative grade,
  2. Students who fail to complete the necessary coursework for incomplete grades will receive a final grade indicated by the instructor electronically through the Incomplete Grade Tracking process. If no grade was assigned the student will receive a failing grade (F).