University Center Floor Plan

Please see Seating capacities for information and photos of rooms.

1058 Board of trustees 1-2 72x45  - Dividable into 2 halves1020-Seminar 27x30 1010-Seminar 27x301009-Seminar 27x301008-Seminar 27x301027 Case Study 36x49 - tiered lecture hall1003-Seminar 36x37 - 1060 lounge 19x30 - lounge seating available1059 Seminar 25x301101 Conference - Conference room1068 Computer lab - 1097 Seminar 23x29 - Dividable into 2 halves1092 Conference Room  15x231090 Seminar 27x301073 Seminar-  23x29 - Conference room1005 Seminar 23x29 - Dividable into 2 halves1078 Seminar 23x29 - Dividable into 2 halves1084 Conference Room  15x231088 Seminar 27x301044 Grand Banquet 1-6 90x108 9,720sq.ft. - Dividable into 6 sections: dining capacity is 600Covered terrace - floor plan