Marketing Material and Advertisement Approvals

Approval for Marketing Materials

The University of North Florida stands for many things. Hands-on transformational learning opportunities. Small classes that offer students access to their professors. Steadily growing numbers of national rankings. Beautiful natural surroundings. Healthful living and learning. A burgeoning athletics program. Access to employment. The list goes on and on. We have all worked hard to make sure that when people see, hear or read something about UNF, they think about all the positive ways we enhance our community and the region. We want them to think positively about our brand.


Our brand is our reputation. It’s what comes to mind when people hear  “University of North Florida.” We can influence those thoughts to a certain extent by working together to produce consistent and professional messages. The Marketing and Publications office can provide you with the tools to help package our message with that authentic UNF look, feel and sound.


 The Marketing and Publications office is responsible for the external image of the University of North Florida. There is a real need to present the University as consistently as possible through marketing, branding and publications, advertisement and promotional items that help our stakeholders identify certain attributes associated with UNF.


There are several initiatives underway to help you — the students, faculty and staff — use the resources of the Marketing and Publications office to best position your publications and advertisements to benefit not only your department, but the whole University. These initiatives allow each department to work independently, while maintaining a consistent, professional image across the colleges, departments and divisions of UNF. They are not meant to hinder progress or compromise creativity —they have been created to strengthen the University of North Florida brand.


 Marketing and Publications is now required to work with each department to create or review all marketing publications, external advertisements and television and radio scripts, with the exception of items paid for by Student Government. Marketing and Publications will ensure that all publications and advertisements will have consistent messaging and high-quality images and logos while meeting University style, branding and visual identity standards representative of our brand promise.


Marketing Publications

If you have printed materials you are considering producing, you must get approval PRIOR to production of your printed piece or advertisement. You must complete the Approval Request for Advertisements, Printed and Promotional Materials and answer all the questions. Submit it electronically to  Marketing Approvals (type Marketing Approvals in the To box of your e-mail, it will populate with the correct address). It will be reviewed and returned with an approval and signature or a reason for disapproval as quickly as possible but within three business days. Please plan accordingly. The form can be found here. In the comment section of the form, it will also indicate whether the print job should be done with one of the two approved vendors – the on-campus UPS Store or Office Max – or if it needs to go to print via Purchasing and the requisition process. If you simply need to reprint a form with NO CHANGES that has been through the approval process at least once before, simply indicate it is a reprint on the requisition and Purchasing will process with the last approval on file. If you have any questions, or you are not sure if you need to submit the approval form, either e-mail or call Sharon Ashton at (904) 620-2115.



All offices will now have two choices when it comes to creating and placing advertisements that will reach our myriad audiences and stakeholders.


The first option is perhaps the best and easiest. When the decision has been made to advertise, simply contact the director of Publications and Communication, Isabel PeaseFrom there, the ad can be created by a staff of writers, editors, graphic designers and photographers who will help to craft your message, weave in the UNF brand, add the UNF logo and any other graphic images or photography that will catch a reader’s eye. All along the way, the department will have input and approval of the process and final content. We will work within your time frame and produce an ad that meets the technical requirements of the publication. It is that simple. One call and you are on your way to publishing a great ad that will meet your needs and those of the University. Click here for a sample timeline. Click here for the process when working with Marketing and Publications.