University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
January 14, 2010
University Center

Ideas Discussed at the Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on BOT Meetings and Board Involvement

Opportunities for Greater Board Member Involvement as Advocate and Supporter

Possible role for board members in lobbying efforts

Possible role for board members in community advocacy

Possible role for board members with other UNF constituencies – e.g. alumni, parents

Possible role for board members as spokesperson at on-campus events

Possible increased role in development

Possible strategies for board to assist with critical issues

Increased Opportunities for Board Member Interaction

Building greater social interaction among board members – breaking bread together

Board members attending national AGB meetings

More interaction with students and faculty

Greater interaction with college leadership (deans and chairs)
Improve the Current Structure of Board Meetings

Examined other BOT schedules:  e.g. committee meetings followed by full board meeting

Routine board meetings followed by open ended discussions on key topics

Include interactive presentations on a college, a program within a college or a university wide issues/initiative (presentations should allow for and encourage interactive dialogue)

Provide follow-up on initiatives that receive board support – e.g. distance learning