University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
January 18, 2011
University Center at 9:00 a.m.


Committee Members Present

Ms. Toni Crawford, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ms. Ann Hicks, Ms. Joy Korman, Dr. Patrick Plumlee, Dr. Bruce Taylor

Committee Members Absent 


Item 1 Call to Order

With a quorum being present, chair Hicks called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Minutes 

Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION to approve the minutes from May 27, 2010. Motion carried and minutes approved.

Item 3 Open Comments 

Chair Hicks offered an opportunity for open comments. Everyone was reminded that the format of the Board of Trustees meetings has changed. No additional comments were forwarded for discussion.

Item 4 Tenure by Reason of Appointment – Dr. Jeff Coker 

Chair Hicks asked Provost Workman to speak about this item.


Dr. Workman remarked that as a result of our Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies, David Jaffee, returning to faculty following his Fulbright year, Academic Affairs needed to fill this important position in Undergraduate Studies. He informed the group that UNF was able to recruit a candidate, who has both the academic and administrative experience necessary for this position. We have also changed the title from Assistant Vice President to Dean in order to demonstrate that this person will be a partner to the deans and central to the university mission. Dr. Workman stated that the administration is seeking approval of tenure by reason of appointment for Dr. Jeffrey Coker, currently the Assistant Provost and Director of Education at Belmont University.


Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION for approval for tenure by reason of appointment for Dr. Coker. The motion was carried as presented.

Item 5 Proposed Amendments to the UNF Board of Trustees Bylaws 

Karen Stone reported that she, Janet Owen, and Tom Serwatka reviewed the BOT Bylaws with changes being noted in red (see agenda item). Chair Hicks questioned why there was a need for a name change from Educational Policy Committee to Academic Affairs Committee. Janet Owen responded that prior to this change, the EPC was focused on both academics and student life issues and now the newly constituted AAC will focus mainly on academic policy and the new committee of the whole will focus on that part of our educational mission that includes student life and student programming outside the academic area. Trustee Gonzalez commented that he believed this split in committee focus will be important so that there is more attention to the student life programming and Trustee Korman noted that in order to raise UNF to the next level, a focus on student life will be critical.


Chair Hicks called for a motion to approve and the item was approved unanimously.

Item 6 Limited-Access Status for Exercise Science Concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Health Science 

Provost Workman opened the discussion by commenting that this is a very successful program and student demand has outpaced resources necessary to provide a quality program so the request is to approve limited access designation.


Dean Pam Chally remarked that until we can add more faculty and have additional resources such as lab space, the only way to control student numbers is to make the program limited access, thereby requiring certain admission criteria such as a certain GPA, an entrance exam, and an essay.


There was discussion about other limited access programs in the Brooks College of Health and Dean Chally responded that we have admission criteria for Nursing and Athletic Training. Trustee Crawford asked how many students would be admitted in any year and Dean Chally responded that we would allow 40 students/year for a total of 80 in the program. Dean Chally also commented that the advisor in the college works closely with students who need to find alternate programs if they are not admitted into Exercise Science. Provost Workman noted that as we need to continue with limited resources, the AAC will likely see more requests for limited access designation.


Chair Hicks made a MOTION to approve the limited-access status and the item was approved unanimously.

Item 7 Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics 

Provost Workman stated that this program is currently a track and not a full degree and that we had already approved a similar change for the master’s level. Chair Cathy Christie remarked that there is confusion among students about what degree they are seeking and that creating a stand-alone program for Nutrition and Dietetics at the undergraduate level (apart from the current Bachelor of Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition) will be helpful. There are no additional resources needed to make this move to become a stand-alone program.


Chair Hicks made a MOTION to approve the BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and the item was approved unanimously.

Item 8 University of North Florida Annual Report on the 2010-2011 Work Plan 

Provost Workman presented the UNF Annual Report submitted to the BOG which requires BOT approval. He reviewed the BOG strategic planning process which includes two major reports: the Annual Workplan and the Annual Report which documents the progress we have made on the goals we have set. This BOG process has not yet completed a full cycle so we are now reporting on goals set only 6 months ago.


The Provost summarized the Annual Report included in the agenda. There was discussion on some of the points made during the presentation including the impact of community colleges pursuing 4-year degrees, who is communicating with students regarding any changes in their expectations of moving from a community college to a four-year institution, and the funding UNF receives compared to FSCJ.


Provost Workman summarized the Annual Report as a document that demonstrates that UNF is meeting statewide needs and that the northeast Florida region relies on UNF to provide the educational experience and quality required by its community members. The Annual Report also documents the different ways we measure our productivity and the challenge of advancing on one front while retaining at least current levels on other fronts. We are able through this report to demonstrate that UNF is integral in addressing BOG goals while remaining mission consistent – we are maintaining our focus on priorities while simultaneously being challenged by budget restrictions.


Chair Hicks made a MOTION to approve the University Annual Report and the item was approved unanimously.