University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
June 25, 2009
Student Union at 2:30 p.m.

Members Present

Mr. John Barnes, Mr. Luther Coggin (via conference call), Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mrs. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Dr. Katherine Robinson, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Mr. Kevin Twomey

Members Absent

Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mrs. Ann Hicks, Mrs. Joy Korman, Mr. Hugh Greene, Mrs. Joannie Newton, Dr. Edythe Abdullah

Pre-Agenda Item 1 Brooks College of Health Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dean Pam Chally introduced Dr. Judy Rodriquez, newly elected president of the American Dietetic Association (ADA).  Dr. Rodriquez addressed the Board regarding how her new role will impact the UNF community as well as the global community.


Board members congratulated Dr. Rodriquez on her selection  and talked about the importance of the work she would be doing over the next year.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor officially called the meeting to order.


Trustee Barnes presented all Trustees with Student Government’s 2008/09 Executive Report and thanked everyone on the Board for their support over the past year.  He then welcomed everyone to the new Student Union.

Item 2 Chair’s Report

Chair Taylor addressed the Board with 3 items:

  1. Recognized and congratulated Trustee John Barnes on his election as the student president representative to the Florida Board of Governors.  Also noting that UNF will have 2 representatives from UNF (Trustee Barnes and former Trustee, Dr. Judy Solano) on the Board of Governors.
  2. Announced that UNF officially dedicated the College of Education and Human Services building on June 24.  Noting that many local officials were present and UNF had a well turned out event.
  3. Congratulated President Delaney on the fine job he had done as President-in-Residence for the Florida Board of Governors during the recent legislative session.   

Item 3 President’s Report

Chair Taylor announced that President Delaney deferred his report until later in the meeting.

Item 4 Open Comments

Chair Taylor addressed those in attendance and offered an opportunity for open comments concerning items on this agenda.  Upon hearing no requests, he continued with the business at hand.

Item 5 Consent Agenda

Chair Taylor addressed the Board and asked for approval of the consent agenda as follows stating that there are 2 sets of minutes and 7 items coming from the Finance and Audit and Education Policy committees (listed below).  Chair Taylor offered an opportunity for Trustees to pull items from the agenda for further discussion and since there were none, he asked for a Motion for approval.  A Motion was offered and seconded.  The consent agenda was approved as submitted. 

Item 5A Approval of the Minutes (April 16, 2009; May 22, 2009)  

Item 5B Approval of Items from the Finance and Audit Committee 

    1. One-Year and Five-Year Capital Outlay Requests (PECO Submissions)
    2. Approval of an amendment to the University Prompt Pay Regulation
    3. Approval of amendments to the Schedule of Tuition and Fees Regulation and the Special Fees, Fines and Penalties Regulation
    4. Approval of the Annual Capital Outlay Plan for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

Item 5C Items from the Education Policy Committee 

    1. Approval of faculty tenure nominations
    2. Approval of the Florida Educational Equity Act Report (FEEA)
    3. Approval of amendments to the Religious Observances Regulation; repeal of the current Educational Research Center for Child Development Rule and approval of the Educational Research Center for Child Development Regulation

Item 6 UNF Budget

Chair Taylor stated that the Board of Trustees is required to approve the university budget before it’s submitted to the Board of Governors.  He stated that the Finance and Audit committee has held open workshops on this budget proposal and asked Trustee Twomey to speak about this item as Chair of the Finance Committee.


Trustee Twomey stated that there have been workshops and formal meetings and that the budget being presented is consistent with the developing discussion that has been held over the course of the past year, and particularly the past several meetings.  Chair Twomey noted that there has been great work done across the university trying to find ways to save money while at the same time advancing the mission of the university.  He stated that the committee met last week and approved to send to the full Board the budget that is contained in the meeting materials.


Trustee Twomey made a motion to approve, Chair Taylor asked for a second, Trustee Kendrick seconded the motion.  Approval of the budget was moved and seconded.


Trustee Twomey asked Vice President Shari Shuman to summarize the high points of the budget.


Vice President Shuman stated that the meeting materials contain all information for the proposed budget.  She also provided the Trustees with a power point presentation of the overall budget. She did not review all but highlighted the main points that put the budget together.


Vice President Shuman stated that the 2008/09 budget had been reduced by a total of $3.5 million.  General revenues were reduced by $3.1 recurring and lottery was reduced by $414 thousand.  All of this budget reduction was taken from reserves that were on hand.  She stated that we are now going into the next year with zero recurring reserves available.  She went on to explain how that will affect the 2009/10 budget.  The general revenue budget was reduced by $12 million and the lottery budget reduced by $202 thousand. These cuts were offset by the legislature approving an 8% tuition increase for undergraduate students generating $2.1 million, by the Board of Trustees approving a 7% tuition differential equal to about $1.2 million, graduate and out-of-state tuition increases providing $648 thousand (a $15% increase), and by an annualize 08/09 tuition increase of $649 thousand. The largest offset came from the $5.9 million of Federal Stabilization Funds that were included in the budget allocation. As a result of these offsets, UNF ended up with a net budget reduction for 09/10 of $1.8 million. 


Vice President Shuman stated that the combined net budget reduction for 08/09 and 09/10 is $5.3 million.


Vice President Shuman compared budget reduction proposals at other SUS institutions to how UNF has handled the reductions.  Vice President Shuman showed how other universities are laying off positions and have had to cut programs. 


Vice President Shuman went on to explain that UNF has set aside reserve funds to cover the replacement of the Federal Stabilization Fund in two years.  Additionally, reserves are in place for potential state call backs.


After reviewing and summarizing the attachments in the meeting material, Vice President Shuman asked for any questions and then asked President Delaney if he had any comments.


President Delaney commented that this budget is a prudent and cautious budget and noted that UNF is positioned well in the event of further state call backs this year.  He also noted that UNF has set aside larger reserves than it has had in previous years allowing UNF to go into next year in much better shape. 


President Delaney referenced the power point presentation showing the budget reductions at other SUS institutions.  He complimented the Board on being so prudent and cautious.


Chair Taylor asked for other comments or discussion from the Board.


Trustee Robinson asked for clarification of Accomplishments for Goal 2.  She thought the tuition increase mandated a 30% and asked where the other 20% was.


Vice President Shuman explained that the slide Trustee Robinson was referring to showed that in 2008/09 the University set aside 10% of new tuition dollars for need-based aid.  But going into 2009/10, the University was setting aside 30% of the tuition differential for additional need-based aid.


Trustee Robinson also referenced the power point slide showing layoffs and program cuts at other institutions and pointed out that not all SUS institutions were shown and asked that an updated chart be made available with all SUS institutions. Chair Taylor also asked that the updated chart be made available to all Trustees.   


Chair Taylor stated that there was a motion to approve and that it had been seconded, the Motion was approved as presented.

Item 7 Approval of an Amendment of the University Holidays Policy

Trustee Twomey stated that the Finance Committee approved and recommended to the full Board some minor changes to university policy which would confirm the President’s abilityto add days off to the university calendar on a year-to-year basis as appropriate 


Trustee Twomey offered a Motion on behalf of the Finance Committee.


Trustee Coggin asked for clarification regarding the length of the additional time off.


President Delaney answered stating that for the past 2 years the days between Christmas and New Years have been granted off as administrative leave and the campus has been shut down.  President Delaney stated that other institutions had already moved to this route on the theory that many staff were already off and that campus life was slow.  Two years ago UNF began granting this leave to employees and it had proven immensely popular with staff.  President Delaney stated that the time off typically equals 4 – 6 working days.


Trustee Twomey stated that there is also a feeling that because the university had not been able to give raises during the past two years this served to recognize the staff’s hard work.


Chair Taylor stated that he thinks it’s a very good move for the university and its employees.


Chair Taylor offered a motion, seconded by Chair Robinson and approved as presented.

Item 8 Reports from the Finance and Audit Committee

Trustee Twomey stated that most items were on the consent agenda and asked Vice President Shuman to present highlights on Items 8A and 8B. 

Item 8A Treasurer’s Report 

Vice President Shuman referenced Item 8A and discussed the university’s current investments as displayed in the handout. Cash is down to $86 million and will continue to go down as projects are being built.

Item 8B Quarterly Budget Report 

Vice President Shuman added that UNF is staying well within budget.  We held on to vacancies so that there’s monies in salaries savings.  She went on to say that we are in good financial shape going into 2009/10.

Item 8C Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders 

Vice President Shuman stated that this report is a standard report.  As part of this report she presented a slide show of pictures showing the most recent and upcoming construction projects. These slides also showed landscaping and other improvements noting how every improvement enhances the campus appearance.


Vice President Shuman went on to explain the new “way finding” signs and explained that they are now being installed over campus.


Vice President Shuman also spoke about getting started on our new 5-year master planning process which will come to the Board.  It’s exciting because it will determine where we want to go with the current campus and how we expand into the technology park.

Item 8D Direct Support Organizations (DSO’s) Budgets 

Vice President Shuman presented 3 DSO budget to the Board for review.  She spoke about UNF Foundation, Inc; the UNF Training & Services Institute, Inc.; and the UNF Financing Corporation, Inc.

Item 9 Reports from the Educational Policy Committee

Chair Taylor noted that there are no formal reports at this time.


Chair Taylor turned the meeting over to President Delaney for the President’s Report.

Item 3 President’s Report

President Delaney addressed the Board and stated that with the budget the Board just approved, UNF is positioned very well for the next year or two.  He posed the question: What would you do if the university had $5, $10, or $15 million dollars more a year in its budget?  He talked about how one or two critical hires in departments could elevate specific areas and also spoke about how once we get more revenue how interesting the future will be for the university.


President Delaney referenced the Chancellor’s search and stated that the Board of Governors anticipates having a new chancellor in place within the next few weeks. 


President Delaney told the Board that he thinks things look good for UNF for the next 24 – 36 months. 


President Delaney also spoke about acquiring ADT building in the future. 


President Delaney concluded by saying that he’s looking forward to the fall, fully utilizing the new buildings, and revamping and revitalizing the Athletic department. He reiterated that he’s enjoyed working with a great staff and Board.

End Notes

Chair Taylor noted that Vice President Serwatka brought to the Board’s attention that an error in one of the items on the consent agenda which needs to be corrected. 


The issue is on 5B iii:  Approval of an Amendment of the Schedule of Tuition and Fees Regulation.  The last page has an item that is often referred to as the three-pete rule, which imposes an additional fee to cover the full cost of instruction for a student taking a course more than 2 times  The rule as it reads now it states that the fee is $175.84 but the rule should read $186.87.


A motion by Chair Taylor to accept the typographical error was offered and seconded by Trustee Gonzalez.  The motion was approved.

Item 10 Adjournment

Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting at 3:45pm.