Unauthorized Purchases - Confirmation Orders

In accordance with Rule 13.0010R - Administration and Finance: Purchasing Program (3)(a) “the University President has authority to establish a system of coordinated procurement policies, procedures and practices to be used in acquiring commodities and contractual services required by the University. The Purchasing Department has the duty to canvass sources of supply and contracting for the purchase or lease of all commodities and contractual services for the University, in any manner, including purchase by installment- or lease-purchase contracts”. We want to reiterate key issues about the procurement and payment process to ensure that everyone is fully informed as to proper procedure for purchasing, receiving, and payment.


All orders for goods and services require a purchase order authorization from the purchasing department. Also, all orders must be delivered to the University’s central receiving dock in Building 6, unless otherwise indicated by this office on the purchase order. This ensures correct receiving information is input into the Banner system for the match between purchase order, receiver, and invoice for prompt payment.


The following procedure must be followed if an order is justifiably placed directly by your department to a vendor/contractor. Do NOT send a requisition to the purchasing office for a confirmation order. Submit your invoice with the completed form Pay Request for Confirmation Order  to the Director of Purchasing. A written justification as to why purchasing procedure was not followed and an explanation of the steps your office will take to ensure this practice is not repeated must be stated on the form, along with the signatures of the department head/chair, applicable dean, and appropriate vice president. The completed form should then be sent to the purchasing office. The Director of Purchasing will then forward her recommendation to the Vice President of Administration & Finance as to whether the University should process the invoice for payment, return the goods to the vendor/contractor, or have the department seek an alternate funding source.


Accordingly, the purchasing department will contact the vendor/contractor. They will be advised that orders accepted and delivered without a University purchase order may be returned to them with any applicable restocking fees to be paid by the department or that the University considers this order a personal purchase and payment will be the responsibility of the individual rather than the University.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this matter. Please feel free to contact Kathy Ritter, Director of Purchasing, by email at k.ritter@unf.edu or phone (904) 620-2733 should you have any questions.