Office Equipment Repair

For on-site repairs to office equipment, first contact your C-Tech. The C-Tech will try to determine if repair of the item is economically feasible and advise you accordingly. You, or the C-Tech, may make the service call to the appropriate vendor. For on-site repairs, payment should be processed by pcard.  If it is determined the equipment requires off-site repair, a requisition must be submitted to the purchasing department.


Vendor Contacts: 

  1. Logical Business Solutions (HP and Lexmark Printers)

    8301 Cypress Plaza Dr Suite 121

    Jacksonville FL 32256

    Contact: Barbie Kreacic (

    Phone: (904) 281-0680

    Fax: (904) 281-0684

    * Important notice from Logical Business Solutions (See Below)


  2. McDavid's Typewriter Service (Typewriters and Fax machines)

    4304 Plymouth St

    Jacksonville FL 32205

    Contact: Marc

    Phone: (904) 384-3461

    They have other capabilities but you must call and inquire.



*Important notice from Logical Business Solutions


The rate is $20 per hour of travel and  $90 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum service charge. Charges for time spent in excess of one hour will be charged in 15 minute increments.


Additionally, Printer Repair Services can be purchase by acquiring "blocks of time" (NetSurety Agreement) which results in discounted rates. The purchase of discounted "blocks of time" can result in an effective hourly rate as low as $75 per hour for Printer Service Repair. Please contact Barbie Kreacic, service manager, for details @ or at (904) 281-0680.


We believe this rate structure will best serve our clients and will deliver excellent service at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the rate structure provides for efficient budgeting of services by offering discounted rates by purchasing, in advance, our NetSurety Agreement.


We greatly appreciate your business and will continue to do everything possible to earn the right to your business in the future.