Procurement Services  

As part of the Division of Administration & Finance, UNF's Procurement Services works as a service function that supports the University's mission and vision.  Housed in Ann & David Hicks Hall and the Central Receiving building (main campus), this staff of twelve full-time employees provides value-added services in procurement, receipt and delivery of the materials, supplies and services necessary to support the University's programs and activities.  In addition to the management staff, Procurement Services is comprised of a sourcing/buying staff and the administrative staff that support their actions.  The professionals in Procurement provide research and guidance to affect strategic sourcing as well as managing the end-to-end process of acquiring the goods and services needed by UNF Departments/Units to fulfill their mission for the University.  This staff also manages operations of iContracts, the University's central document approval and signature routing system.  The Central Receiving Staff can frequently be seen all over campus delivering goods shipped to the Central Receiving facility as well as assisting Departments with the return of unsatisfactory/damaged goods.




Procurement Services - Remaining Critical Fiscal Year-End Dates:

Friday, Sept. 29  . . . . . . . . . .   Last day to make payments on FY 17 PO's encumbered on Gen Rev and Carry Forward funds


 Ken Durrant Retires


After over 41 years of faithful service to UNF, Ken Durrant has retired.  During his tenure at UNF, Ken worked with Physical Facilities (Grounds Crew), Property Services, Central Receiving and Procurement Services.  Thank you for your service to UNF Ken!  Best Wishes for a long and happy life as a retiree!


  Ken Durrant 2



Uniform Guidance - Implementation of 2 CFR 200:

The University of North Florida has delayed implementation of the new Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards until July 1, 2017 as provided by the waiver of the procurement rules stated in COFAR FAQ, Section 110-6, released November 26, 2014.  In the interim, The University of North Florida's existing policies and procedures and OMB Circular will continue to apply.



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Cost Savings

due to Procurement 

Services Actions

Creating a Requisition Class               

    FY 14 Total:               $     716.837

    FY 15 Total:               $  6,322.371

    FY 16 Total:               $  4,569.178

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    FY 17 - 1st  Qtr:         $ 1,580,076

    FY 17 - 2nd Qtr:        $     931,037

Creating a Requisition Manual       

    FY 17 - 3rd Qtr:         $ 1,234,418

    FY 17 - 4th Qtr:         $  2,549,745

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