Physical Facilities

No one like you. No place like this Tagline

The University's theme is "No one like you. No place like this." Physical Facilities' job is to ensure that we all continue to feel that UNF is "No place like this." A major emphasis of Physical Facilities is to protect the environment and to conserve and protect our resources, especially the natural beauty of our campus. Our assistant director of Landscape and Grounds serves as curator of the UNF Preserve that occupies approximately 300 acres of our campus. The campus comprises nearly 1300 acres, and at present, only 150 of those acres have been developed.

Recognizing that an educational institution's reputation is built on two major elements, the academic excellence of the faculty and the physical environment in which the educational process occurs, we strive to provide an impressive and functional physical environment which will aid in attracting and retaining quality faculty, staff and students. It is our responsibility to ensure the campus is representative of the theme "no place like this."

Our goals are to increase customer satisfaction, and create an environment that helps attract and retain employees, faculty and students. To do that, we work in concert with Campus Planning, Design & Construction, Environmental Health & Safety, and ADA Departments to ensure that the University operates and maintains physical facilities that are adequate to serve the needs of the institution's educational programs, support services and other mission-related activities.


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