Student Financial Services Office Policies: Florida Prepaid College Program

The University of North Florida will automatically post a deferment on the student's account a few days after registration for the lesser of: the number of registered hours or number of remaining Florida Prepaid hours. The deferment will show on myWings as estimated financial aid under 'View and Pay My Bill.'  If you do not see the amount listed, it could be due to a wrong social security number (either in our system or Florida Prepaid system) or your account is on hold with Florida Prepaid. Any student that is using Florida Prepaid to pay their tuition and fees is required to pay the balance that Florida Prepaid does not cover by the payment deadline, unless the student has other aid/awards to cover the balance due.


Please note if you make changes in your registration, the amount that Florida Prepaid will cover will not immediately adjust; this requires an overnight process.


If you have the Florida Prepaid tuition plan, it will pay $117.08 per credit hour for the 2016-2017 academic year. You can multiply this amount by the number of hours registered for to determine the total amount to be paid by Florida Prepaid. You will be responsible to pay the local fees ($43.84 per hour), the transportation fee ($4.08 per hour),  the technology fee ($5.25 per hour), the student life and services fee ($5.25 per hour) and any other miscellaneous fees (such as ID, labs, etc.) by the tuition deadline to avoid any late payment fee (unless you have other awards to pay the local fees).


Some contracts cover local fees as well and this will be stated on the prepaid card. The local fees include athletic fee, activity fees, student health fees, counseling fee, wellness center fee and student union fee. Your assessment for local fees is $43.84 per credit hour for fall 2016 - summer 2017.  Florida Prepaid does not cover any lab fees, late fees, ID card fee, orientation, transportation access fee ($4.08 per hour), technology fee ($5.25 per hour), the student life and services fee ($5.25 per hour) etc.


Local fees, if owed, will be deducted from any financial aid money if the fees have not already been paid. These fees are subject to change. For additional information about your Florida Prepaid College contract go to the Florida Prepaid website and click on the links button. Click to view a tutorial on how Florida Prepaid works.


If you have the 2 + 2 plan, the University of North Florida will bill Florida Prepaid at the university level and you will run out of hours faster.


If you wish the University of North Florida to not bill Florida Prepaid for a particular semester, please go to myWings, click on the Student Self Service link, then the Online Forms link and complete the Florida Prepaid Opt Out form.  Your Florida Prepaid deferment will be removed in an overnight process from our system and we will not bill Florida Prepaid for that term only.


If you wish the University of North Florida to bill for hours less than the number for which you are registered, you need to complete the form via the link below and return it to the Student Financial Services Office no later than the end of the first week of classes:


 Bill Less Hours to Florida Prepaid



There are various types of Florida Prepaid Plans. Some plans do not pay local fees or only pay at community college rates. Do you know which one you have?



 Tuition Components and Other Fees  Florida Prepaid (tuition only plan)  Florida Pprepaid (Local Fee Plan


Covered Covered
Capital Improvement Fee Covered Covered
Financial Aid Fee Covered Covered

Local Fees:

Activity and Service Fees Not Covered Covered
Athletic Fee Not Covered Covered
Health Fees Not Covered Covered
Tuition Differential Fee Covered if plan was purchased prior to July 1, 2007

Transportation Access Fee

Not Covered Not Covered
Technology Fee Not Covered Not Covered
Lab, Material and Supply Fees Not Covered Not Covered
Distance Learning Fees Not Covered Not Covered
ID  Fees Not Covered Not Covered
Repeat Surcharge Fee Not Covered Not Covered
Excess Hour Fee Not Covered Not Covered
Late Fees Not Covered Not Covered


If you have received an e-mail that you must complete a survey before the University of North Florida can bill Florida Prepaid, please go to the Florida Prepaid website to complete.


If you have a question or need other assistance with your Florida Prepaid College Plan account or your Florida College Investment Plan account, e-mail Florida Prepaid or call them at:


(800)-552-GRAD (4723)

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., EST


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For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact us.