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When you contact the Help Desk or other Information Technology Services staff member for technical assistance, a ticket is created to track and document the issue or request. When the ticket is closed, an email is sent to the requester asking for feedback. Below are some of the comments ITS has received recently. Not every comment ITS receives is as positive as these of course, but feedback in any form is important to their continuous improvement. Negative comments are addressed and used for training and process improvement.

Information Technology Services’ mission is to acquire, implement and support information technology that enhances the educational, research, service, and administrative activities of students, faculty, and staff.   



Received from a faculty chair in February 2013

 Excellent service, thank you. You guys have really improved over the past few years. This helped me out of a jam and your staff was patient and ultra professional. Thanks again.

Received from a student in February 2013 

I appreciate you guys so much! My computer works so much better and faster! I appreciate how you guys cleaned the exterior of my computer too! Thank you once again!!!! 

Received from a professor in February 2013

 I was exceptionally pleased with the speed of response. They realized the issue was critical and helped me out in quick order. 

Received from a professor in February in 2013

Kevin, the IT that assisted us went above and beyond. Very, very helpful and stayed and helped and made sure that we got and received the assistance that we needed above and beyond what was required of him. Very grateful to Kevin! 

Received from a student in February 2013

Very helpful fixed the problem and other things I did not even know about 

Received from a staff member on behalf of a professor in February 2013 

The technician arrived with the utmost urgency and the professor was very pleased. 

Received from a staff member in February 2013

Everyone I ever talk to at the HelpDesk is ALWAYS clear with explanations, competent to give the answers and helpful in solving issues. They are always so pleasant to talk to! Great staff and dept! 

Received from a student in January 2013

This was the best service that UNF could have possibably provided to me as a student. I have had problems with this computer since the day I got it and it has posed complications to me as a student so many times. I feel like my life as a student, and bill paying will be twenty times easier now that my computer does not take forever to do everything. The best part it was free, and took way less time than anticipated! Thank You so much! You are a Life Saver!!!!!!!!!! 

Received from a professor in January 2013

I had a printer problem and Justin patiently and persistently worked on fixing the issue. He was totally professional, pleasant, prompt, and efficient. He eventually came to my office and got the printer to work. He ranks as perhaps the best of the ITS staffers who have helped me over the years. This says a lot because the ITS staff has always been firstrate whenever I have asked for help. You provide outstanding servcies, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you. Please do whatever you can to retain the services of Justin.  

Received from a part time faculty member in January 2013

Account was hacked; Security notified me promptly and deactiviated my account; Help Desk assisted in resetting password; Security called next day to advise account reactiviated and stayed on the phone while I successfully logged on. Very pleased! 

Received from a part time faculty member in January 2013

Excellent service, they responded promptly everytime. the person was patient and kind and demonstrated calmness and willingness to help me resolve my issues expeditously. I am pleased and impressed 

Received from a staff member in January 2013

I've never had a issue with the ITS Help Desk. Fantastic crew...very helpful and competent. Thank you! 

Received from a director in January 2013

I always find ITS helpful, but this time I was particularly impressed with the quality of the service I received. The person I talked to really thought about what was going on with my computer, and kept saying noting when things were "strange." Rather than simply solving the immediate issue, he took the time to look into the other things he noticed as strange. Many others would have ignored them as they were not easy to fix. 

Received from a professor in January 2013

All I can say is thank goodness for you guys. You save ancient Luddites like me from catastrophe. 

Received from a part time faculty member in January 2013

The problem was resolved in a timely and professional manner. I also greatly appreciated the communication that let me know that it had been resolved as I am an adjunct professor and am not on campus daily. The technical issue had not been addressed by faculty all day long. My class is in the evening and I called around 8:00 p.m. to report the problem. It was resolved the following day. Thanks for your efficient operation. 

Received from a part time faculty member in January 2013

Stephanie was a tremendous help in orienting me to the tech resources in my classroom! 

Received from a library staff member in January 2013

I was very pleased. My office phone was dead and disconnecting/replugging it did not do anything. When I came to work the next morning, my phone had been replaced!