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OneDrive (in Ospreys Email)

UNF students are now provided with cloud-based space to store files on Windows Live severs using OneDrive.  The OneDrive can be accessed through a student's Ospreys E-mail.


More information on the student OneDrive can be found on the ITS webpage:

Students who were accepted to UNF before April 22, 2012 were given 25GB of free storage space on their OneDrive, however, due to a recent change by Microsoft, they must choose to upgrade their storage to keep the 25GB (this option is only available for active OneDrive holders who had at least one file in their account on or before April 21, 2012). Students with active accounts that do not upgrade will have their space permanently (unless they purchase more) decreased to 7GB.  To upgrade back to 25GB, see the Upgrade OneDrive Storage.

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