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Office Communicator

Office Communicator is an instant messaging (real time communication) application installed on faculty and staff computers.
  • Send instant messages to faculty and staff
  • Share documents with faculty and staff
  • Missed conversations are stored in History
Faculty and staff

Office Communicator is installed on faculty and staff computers.

  • Look for an icon in the bottom right hand side of your computer that looks like an "O". 
  • If the icon is green, you are signed into Office Communicator.
  • If the icon is grey with a red "X", you are not signed into Communicator. To sign into Communicator - right click on the Office Communicator icon and select "Sign In". If prompted to enter your ID and password, use your UNF ID and password. You will know you are logged in when the icon turns green.
  • Office Communicator integrates with your Outlook Calendar, so if your calendar has a meeting scheduled, your Communicator icon will turn red.
  • If your icon is yellow when your computer is locked (you are away).
  • Your availability will show (green, red, yellow) to those who have you in their Communicator Contact List.
  • To add someone to your Contact List, click on the drop down in the upper left-hand corner of the Communicator window and select "Tools" then "Add a Contact". Next, select "Search for a Contact" and use the search fields to find and select the faculty or staff member.
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