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Ospreys E-mail

Also known as: Student File Storage, Student E-mail, MS Office Web Apps

Student e-mail  is called Ospreys E-mail, which runs on Microsoft's Office 365 platform and is managed by UNF. Students also have a Personal Microsoft account. These two accounts are explained below.


Ospreys E-mail Account 

This account is managed by UNF and provides access to your UNF e-mail.  

Access Ospreys E-mail Account: In myWings portal ( or at

Username for Ospreys E-mail: N
Password for Ospreys E-mail: Your myWings password   



Read your Ospreys Email on your mobile device?

Instructions on how to read your Ospreys Email on a smartphone.


Personal Microsoft Account  

This account is managed by Microsoft and provides access to existing (pre June 2013) OneDrive content, Office web apps such Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, Messenger, and other Microsoft services.  


Access Personal Microsoft Account: at

Username for your Personal MS account: N 
Password for Your Personal MS account: Your password is whatever you set it to before the upgrade at If you never setup a password or don’t remember it, go to click on “Can’t access your account?”. 


The University of North Florida has partnered with Microsoft to provide students with:

  • "E-mail for Life" address (N
  • 25 GB storage for e-mail


In Mid-November the following features were added:

  • 25 GB storage for OneDrive Pro (cloud-based file storage "built in" to
    Ospreys E-mail)
  • Web Apps (Create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note files)
  • SharePoint (collaboration and team/group sites)
  • Lync (communication)

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Using a SmartPhone to
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Employees at UNF


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Student Advantage is a free new feature available to enrolled student that allows the download of Microsoft Office.

Go to Student Advantage for more information.

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