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E-mail for Faculty and Staff

Once Human Resources has entered a newly hired employee's information into Banner, a computer and e-mail account will automatically be generated for faculty and staff. The C-tech or supervisor of OPS employees should request an e-mail account for regular OPS employees. Student OPS use their student e-mail account. 


For faculty and staff e-mail: UNF E-mail addresses are in the form:  'UNF'  or  ''  

For student e-mail, UNF E-mail addresses are in the form:   'UNF'

Staff, faculty, and regular OPS e-mail is delivered to Exchange and they use Outlook or WebAccess to read their e-mail. New employees will want to select a friendly e-mail address by logging into ITS Self Service and choosing "Create Alias".





Faculty and staff can soon enjoy the many benefits of Office 365. Some of these include more email storage space, Office 365 ProPlus (five free Office downloads on personal devices), Office Online (work in the cloud with Office apps), OneDrive for Business (one terabyte of cloud storage) and new applications and services. When the change is made, faculty will see very little difference with the Office applications installed on their UNF computer, but when they log in to, there will be a lot of new functionality, applications, and more. Office 365 becomes available for faculty and staff in July 2018.  


Archiving Outlook E-Mail - As Outlook email usage increases and individual mailboxes reach their size limit, it is often necessary to archive (store) old messages in a different location.


Reading faculty and staff e-mail on a smartphone 


Bellow are links to directions for setting up a smartphone to read your UNF e-mail. Before doing this it is very important that you have a passcode on your smartphone, so if it is lost or stolon, your e-mail cannot be accessed.

  • Set up your iOS device (iPhone or iPad ) to read your UNF e-mail (for faculty and staff)
  • Set up your  Android device to read your UNF e-mail (for faculty and staff)
  • Set up your  Windows Mobile  device to read your UNF e-mail (for faculty and staff)  
  • Students  
  • Employees
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • OPS   


E-mail accounts are created either when a student is admitted to the University or when an employee is hired and entered into Banner by Human Resources. Departments should submit an ITSR for additional departmental accounts.