E-mail delivers electronic messages to and from UNF faculty, staff, and students.  Upon request and approval, generic e-mail accounts can be created to serve department needs.
  • Sends and receives e-mail messages, both internally within the organization and externally through the Internet
  • Provides a calendar feature with scheduling capability
  • Provides an easily accessible Global address list of employee e-mail addresses 
  • Sends and receives file attachments (such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc) 
  • Provides the ability to create “distribution groups” holding a number of e-mail addresses for easy distribution
  • Provides access to mailbox via a browser (Outlook Web Access)
  • Allows for shared messages, contacts, and calendar items through Public Folders
  • Provides virus and spam protection
  • Students  
  • Employees
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • OPS   


E-mail accounts are created either when a student is admitted to the University or when an employee is hired and entered into Banner by Human Resources. Departments should submit an  ITSR for additional departmental accounts.

Targets for this service are:

  • Provide availability of 98% not including scheduled change outages and during the period from 5 am to 9 am on Sunday.
  • Measure availability based on Exchange Server uptime
    • Restore service within 2 hours for a Severity 1 outage
    • Restore service within 24 hours for a Severity 2 outage
    • Restore service within 48 hours for a Severity 3 outage
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