Also known as: Learning Management System

Blackboard is a software application to assist instructors in building and managing both classroom and distance learning courses. Blackboard provides an interactive environment for online course management, communication and collaboration.  

Blackboard includes several web-based features:

  • Access course material
  • Discussion board
  • Submit assignments
  • Send E-mail      
  • View grades 
  • Take tests
  • Access Blackboard on a mobile device
  • Access Wiki and blog tools 
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
What Browser works best with Blackboard? The University of North Florida recommends that students use the Google Chrome browser for the best results when using Blackboard. For more information, visit Blackboard's Browser Support page .
All active UNF students, faculty members, staff members are given access to Blackboard automatically.  Continuing Education students are given access to Blackboard if they are enrolled in at least one distance learning course that users the system.

Blackboard Tips for Students:

  • If you don't see the a particular course in the myWings Blackboard module or in My Courses in Blackboard, the instructor hasn't made the class available. If you are enrolled in the course in myWings and the course is not available after the first few days of class, contact the instructor. 
  • Blackboard will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity (clicking answer choices on an assessment does NOT register as activity in Blackboard). 
  • E-mail and Blackboard: You can use Blackboard to send e-mail to your instructor and students enrolled in the course. Any email sent to you from Blackboard goes to your UNF account. 
  • Submitting an Assignment: Assignments are submitted at the Upload Assignment Page (where the assignment information is located – just click on the name of assignment to get to the Upload page). Attach the assignment by clicking on “Browse for Local File:” Be sure to click “Attach File” to complete the process. Complete the Submission fields and Comments field if you want. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom right when you are ready to submit the assignment to your instructor. 
  •  Logging in for the First time? To get to your course, click on the “Course tab” at the top. Then look for a small grey arrow on the left hand side of the screen – click on it to get your menu to appear. It looks like this…  bbtab  

M y Institution Tab -  The My Institution tab contains individual boxes called modules. Modules help you organize information and links. A module can contain a tool such as a calculator, or display dynamic information such as grades, alerts, and announcements. You can use the links in modules to navigate to areas in your courses.

Global Navigation and myBlackboard - Everything you need for your Blackboard experience is in one convenient location. Watch a video and learn about Global Navigation and Blackboard Tools.  


Collaboration in Blackboard - Click on the links below to watch videos on how to use Discussions, create threads and reply to threads.

Submitting an Assignment - Assignments can be homework, downloading a document, editing it and then resubmitting it, or uploading other types of digital files. Watch a video on submitting assignments.

Before beginning an Assessment:

  • Login to Blackboard using the Blackboard URL- Although you may access Blackboard from MyWings, the MyWings window times out after 240 minutes and will open in front of your Blackboard session. When this occurs, if the Blackboard link in MyWings is clicked, a new Blackboard session opens and replaces your session containing the assessment in progress. In order to prevent to possibility of losing your connection to your Blackboard assessment, please use the Blackboard URL:
  • You should disable your pop-up blocker or add * to the list of sites allowed to display popups. 
  • It is a good idea to close all other open applications and browser windows (including instant messenger windows, other web sites, email, etc.) before beginning an assessment on Blackboard in order to minimize the potential for losing your connection to Blackboard. 
  • Blackboard Maintenance Window - Keep in mind that Blackboard undergoes scheduled maintenance from 2 a.m. until 5 a.m. every morning with an additional maintenance window from 5 a.m. until 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, which can include temporary service interruptions. Please do not attempt an assessment during this time.

During an Assessment:

  • Back Button - Never click the Back button in the browser window during an assessment. This will lead to Blackboard submitting your assessment; whether or not you have completed it. 
  • Double-clicking - Do not double click on the Save or Submit buttons during an assessment. Please be aware that sometimes it takes a while (up to several minutes) to Submit an assessment. Once you click Submit, DO NOT click Submit again. If you do so, you may lose all of the answers for your test. Click once on Submit and wait for the submission to occur. Do not navigate away from the page during this time. 
  • Scroll Wheel on the Mouse - If your mouse has a scroll wheel, do not use the scroll to navigate the page as you may unknowingly change some of your answers.
  • Arrow and Tab Keys - Likewise, the arrow and tab keys on the keyboard will change your answers on assessment questions (in some web browsers). 
  • Save - While taking an assessment, Blackboard auto-saves your answers as you complete your test. Students taking assessments on Blackboard should make sure the auto-save function is completed before advancing to the next question in an assessment which displays one question at a time or before clicking Save and Submit to complete an assessment attempt. Do not use the Save Answer button next to each question as it may cause issues with the submission of your assessment.
  • Blackboard will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity (clicking answer choices on an assessment does NOT register as activity in Blackboard). Students taking assessments on Blackboard should click the Save All Answers button located at the top or the bottom of an assessment periodically (at least once every 15 - 20 minutes) to ensure a Blackboard session will not time out and assessments will submit successfully.Do not use the Save button next to each question as it may cause issues with the submission of your assessment.
  • Question Completion Status Indicator - The Questions Status Indicator is a tool to provide students with a quick look at their progress on an assessment. The status of which questions on an assessment have been answered is displayed at the top of the page. Use this tool to keep track of the question that you have completed during an assessment.

Submitting the Assessment:

  • Check over your answers before submitting the assessment to make sure that none of your answers were accidentally changed by the scroll wheel, tab or arrow keys.
  • Click Submit one time and wait. Give Blackboard up to 5 minutes to Submit the assessment. You will receive a confirmation screen once the assessment has submitted. Do not click Refresh, Back, or Submitduring this time or you will lose your assessment attempt and will see a padlock in the Grade Center. 
  • If you receive an error message during the submission of your assessment, write it down exactly along with the time and date, the web browser used, exactly what you were doing when you received the error and any other applicable details. If, possible, print the information displayed on your screen if you think it might be helpful documentation. Provide this information to your instructor.

After the Assessment:

  • Click on Tools>My Grades to make sure that your score was properly recorded. If your grade shows an "!," the instructor needs to grade a portion of your assessment manually before you will see your score listed. If your grade shows a padlock, your assessment shows as still in progress. If you receive a padlock, try to reopen the assessment to Submit it. If you receive a message that states "Assessment Already Completed," you should contact your instructor immediately with the time and date that you completed the assessment, the web browser used, and any other applicable details about the submission of your assessment.

Common Assessment Errors

  • Saving answers - When taking an assessment that presents questions one at a time, individual answers are automatically saved when you move to the next question. If the exam is presented all at once, the you should ONLY use the SAVE ALL ANSWERS button about every 15 -20 minutes to avoid losing all answers if Blackboard times out. Do not use the Save button next to each question, as it can result in the loss of some of your test answers.
  • Time out or connection issues - Blackboard times out after 30 minutes of inactivity (typing is NOT considered activity in Blackboard). If Blackboard times out while you are taking an exam, or if you lose your internet connection, contact your instructor immediately for further action. If you are able to take the exam online again, try to go somewhere with a secure internet connection, such as the UNF or your local library.

Watch a video on takling a test.

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Faculty should contact the Center for Instruction and Research Technology.


Students should contact the Help Desk. Students may also attend one-hour workshops offered at the beginning of each term.

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