E-mail Server Upgrade

The servers that provide Outlook e-mail for faculty and staff are being upgraded. 

Benefits to Faculty & Staff:

1. After the upgrade, faculty and staff will have three times more storage space in Outlook (the default quota will be increased from 150 to 500 MBs, a user who has 400 MBs or more will be increased by 200 MBs).  

2. Out of Office replies can be set to respond only to e-mails received from other UNF email addresses, which helps to decrease the amount of spam faculty and staff members receive. 

3. The functionality for Outlook Web Access will be improved for faculty and staff. 

Impact to Students:

The upgrade will not affect students (including the improvements to Web Access). 

Migration of Faculty & Staff Mailboxes:

Faculty and staff mailboxes will be migrated to the new servers the week of April 4, 2010. Each day during the migration week, between 10:01 that evening and 6:00 the next morning, a group of faculty and staff mailboxes will be migrated. The migration will be conducted alphabetically by last name. Click here to find out when your mailbox is scheduled to be migrated.

Impact to Faculty & Staff:

After their mailbox is migrated, faculty and staff will see a message asking them to close and reopen Outlook. In some rare cases, a reboot might be necessary.  PDAs may require the email account to be edited or re-created. 

Before the Migration:

1. In order to improve the performance of Outlook, ITS recommends that faculty and staff archive calendar entries that are more than two years old. To be effective, this must be done before a mailbox is migrated to the new server. Instructions for doing this can be found here.

2. Check the migration schedule so you will know which night your mailbox is scheduled to be migrated.

2. It is recommended that you close Outlook by 10 p.m. on the day your migration is scheduled to begin.  

After the Migration:

1. If Outlook was open during the migration of your mailbox, you may see a message telling you to quit and restart Outlook. If so, close and reopen Outlook.  

2. If you use a PDA to synchronize with your UNF e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc. check to make sure the synchronization is occurring.

3. The first time you log-in to Web Access, you will see options regarding using a blind or low vision experience, language, and time zone.  Most people will click OK without making changes. However, if you are sight impaired or wish to read your email in a language other than English click here for more details. This screen will not appear in subsequent log-ins.

4. If you encounter any issues after the migration, contact the ITS Help Desk by submitting an ITS-Request, calling (904) 620-4357 (HELP) or e-mailing helpdesk@unf.edu 

Related Changes or Issues:

1. As of February 28, if you access Web Access at http://webaccess.unf.edu, you will notice a slight difference in the appearance of the Log-in Screen. If you access web mail through myWings, you will not see this change.

2. Some users may have encountered issues synchronizing their mobile devices on February 28 when a change was made to prepare for the upgrade. You may need to delete and recreate the account on your PDA. ITS has provided directions for doing this on an iPhone.