Frequently Asked Questions About the Mathews Computer Labs

Where are the labs located?

The Main General Purpose Computer Lab is located on the second floor of the John E. Mathews Computer Building (15/2102). Reserveable computer classrooms managed by Information Technology Services are PC Lab I (15/1104) and PC Lab II (15/1105).


When are the labs open?

The Main General Purpose Computer Lab operates on the following schedule with the exception of closures and reduced hours for holidays and intersessions: 

Are there special times when the lab is closed or offer reduced hours?

Yes, the lab operates under reduced hours for holidays and during interssions. These are announced in Campus and Student Updates at least one week prior to the holiday or intersession period.


Who has access to the Lab?

The general purpose computer labs, managed by Information Technology Services, are for the exclusive use of faculty (including adjuncts), currently enrolled students, and staff (including OPS employees) of the University of North Florida. A current, valid UNF Login ID is required to utilize lab workstations.


What is the purpose of the Computer Lab?

Use of the labs is restricted to scholarly activities related to student instruction and research and faculty research and service, and to other activities directly related to the mission of the University. Any use of computing, networking, telecommunications, or any other information technology resources of the University of North Florida that interferes with the educational, scholarly, research, service, operational or management activities of the University is strictly prohibited. University computing facilities and accounts are to be used for the University-related activities for which they are assigned. The University reserves the right to limit, restrict, or extend computing privileges and access to its information technology resources. Access to these systems is granted subject to adherence to generally accepted ethics. Unapproved or unethical use of such access may be grounds for revocation of this access.


What are the rules of the lab?

  1. You must have an active UNF ID to utilize our workstations.
  2. Workstations are not available for reservation, they are provided on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Alteration of the equipment or furniture is prohibited.
  4. No food or drink is permitted at workstations in this facility. You may leave these items in the designated area.
  5. Game playing and use of the lab for business or other non-scholarly activities is prohibited.
  6. A child may accompany his/her parent in the lab as long as he/she does not use the computers, occupy a vacant computer station, or disturb other lab patrons.
  7. Patrons must abide by these Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


What kind of computers are in the lab, and what software is installed?

There are approximately 120 computers available for use in our General Purpose Computer Labs. Within our Main Computer lab (15/2102) we have 26 Apple iMac's (2.0Ghz) running MacOS X 10.4, and 96 Dell OptiPlex SX280's (2.8Ghz) running Windows XP.


The available software packages include productivity, database, statistics, programming, Internet, and instructor requested disciplinary software. Visit the Lab Software web page for details. All machines are equipped with DVD+CDRW drives and USB2.0 ports (for portable storage devices). Our Macintosh workstations are all equipped with SuperDrives (DL-DVD/RW). We also have 6 color scanners. Pay-4-Print services are provided by Lanier. Patrons will need their Osprey ID card for Pay-4-print services.

How do Faculty Members make Requests for Software in the Lab or Classrooms?

Each semester an email is sent to faculty explaining the process for making software requests for the General Purpose Computer Lab, Classrooms, and Lab Classroom (15/1104).