Software Installation Request Guidelines

The following guideline describes the process of requesting and installing software for use in the General Purpose Computer Labs and the teaching electronic classrooms that are administered by Information Technology Services. The software available on these machines is for general student use. Their configuration is not designed for discipline specific applications.


Application installs

The appropriate Professor, Adjunct or College Technician (C-Tech) must submit an ITS Request by the deadline specified in the Technology update (sent prior to the end of the term to all faculty and C-Techs).


Note: The software installed in the labs and classrooms supported by ITS is thoroughly tested for stability and security prior to each term’s deployment. It is for this reason that we cannot accommodate requests after the announced deadline.


After the Lab Team has received an evaluation copy of the software, the software will then be reviewed and evaluated for system compatibility. Any problems encountered will be reviewed with the requestor and resolved if possible. If the particular program is deemed not compatible with the current lab client and or operating system it will not be installed.


The requestor is responsible for acquiring the following information and including it in the ITS-R:

  • The requesting professor's name.
  • The course name and number in which the software will be used.
  • The length of time that the software will be used (i.e. one semester or perpetually).
  • The appropriate licensing information.
  • If software upgrades are requested it is the C-Techs responsibility to ensure that all instructors teaching tools are current. (i.e. course books, instructions, etc.)


The requestor will provide the Lab Team with the following:

  • A copy of the media
  • A copy of the license agreement.


The requestor should also retain a copy of the software and license for their records whenever possible. After a positive review, the requested software will be installed on all appropriate lab machines taking note of the expiration time of the software and /or license. A listing of currently available software is posted on the ITS lab and classroom software page. Each installation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Data Files Installs

The previously described process will also be followed for any data files needing to be installed on Lab Servers.