Press Release for Monday, March 3, 2003

Versatile journalist Bernard Kalb to visit UNF

Bernard Kalb will bring his insider’s view of the media to UNF on Wednesday, April 2, as part of a lecture sponsored by UNF, BellSouth and the World Affairs Council.

Kalb critiques the media as a panelist on the weekly CNN show “Reliable Sources,” using his background in journalism and the White House to gauge the media’s fairness and objectivity.

He has traveled the world working as a correspondent for CBS News, NBC News and The New York Times. His television career led him to China to cover President Nixon’s trip in 1972.

Kalb also worked as assistant secretary of state for public affairs and as a State Department spokesman. As spokesman, he was with the U.S. delegation when President Reagan and Russian President Gorbachev held their first summit in 1985.

Kalb and his brother, Marvin, have written two books: Kissinger and The Last Ambassador.

The lecture at the University Center is free, but tickets are required and are available at the Ticket Box Office at (904) 620-2878.

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