University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Educational Policy Committee

  • Meeting
December 11, 2008
University Center at 10:30 a.m.

Committee Members Present

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mr. Luther Coggin, Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mrs. Ann Hicks, Mrs. Joan Newton, Dr. Katherine Robinson, Dr. Bruce Taylor

Committee Members Absent

Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez

Item 1 Call to Order

With a quorum being present, Chair Hicks called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Minutes (September 18, 2008)

Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION to approve the minutes for September 18, 2008. The MOTION was offered by Trustee Coggin and seconded by Chair Taylor. The minutes were accepted as presented.

Item 4 Policy on Program Termination

Chair Hicks asked Provost Workman to speak about this item.


Provost Workman stated that the Board of Governors (BOG) required the university to develop and publish a policy outlining guidelines to terminate a degree/major program. He noted that this proposed policy did conform to the BOG mandates.


Provost Workman discussed the process and reasons for terminating programs, specifically the consideration of faculty and students. He noted the policy did include a plan to accommodate any students or faculty that there were active in a program scheduled for termination.


The trustees discussed proposed modifications, asking that the Board be named as one of the groups that could suggest a program for termination. Provost Workman stated that the academic community would like to add, as a friendly amendment, language to clarify who (the administration or the Board) had responsibility for formalities, based on where the request for review originated.


Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION to accept these two friendly amendments. The MOTION was offered by Trustee Korman and seconded by Chair Taylor. The MOTION was carried.


Chair Hicks asked for a MOTION to approve the Policy on Program Termination, including the two friendly amendments. The MOTION was offered by Trustee Korman and seconded by Chair Taylor. The MOTION was carried.

Item 5 U.S. News and World Report Rankings

Chair Hicks asked Ms. Brayton, Director for Academic Affairs, to speak about this item.


Ms. Brayton stated that UNF was currently ranked 43rd in the U.S. News and World Report Colleges Rankings. She clarified that UNF was listed in the Southern Universities – Master’s Top Schools, according to the Carnage classifications. This ranking included universities offering primarily bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Ms. Brayton provided an overview of the categories used for measurement, including peer assessment, retention, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources and annual giving.

  • Peer assessment – this indicator was derived from surveys completed by presidents and provosts and not tied to any specific institutional performance. UNF’s ranking in this category was slightly higher than last year.
  • Retention – this indicator was derived from a six-year graduation rate and the freshman retention rate. UNF’s average graduation rates were down slightly and retention rates remained unchanged.
  • Faculty resources – this indicator measured the institution’s commitment to instruction. Faculty with terminal degrees decreased by 1 point. (This was due in part to the large number of charter faculty who retired.) The proportion of full-time faculty remained unchanged. The student/faculty ratio decreased from 23/1 to 22/1. Class size, below 20 and above 50, increased 1 point.
  • Student Selectivity – this indicator measured student selectivity and reflected data for freshmen entering fall 2007. Acceptance rate decreased 2 points, the yield rate increased 16 points and the high school class standing fell 2 points. SAT and ACT scores remained consistent.
  • Financial Resources – This indicator measured the average spending per full-time student during the 2006 and 2007 fiscal years. This measure was not well defined and the report did not disclose where it obtained the source data for measurement. UNF continues to allocate a significant proportion of E&G spending on students.
  • Alumni Giving – This indicator measured the average percent of undergraduate alumni who donated money to the university. These rates remained constant.

Ms. Brayton provided a comparison of UNF’s rankings in this publication from 2004 to current. She noted that these rankings were often used by students to select schools that might best fit their needs. She mentioned that, although some schools might skew these rankings, UNF would remain true to its mission to provide access and opportunity; therefore, not focus on these rankings.


This item was presented for information only. No further action was required.

Item 6 Update on the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Chair Hicks asked President Delaney to speak about this item.


President Delaney updated trustees on the budget and assets for MOCA, noting that the value of the art was uncertain. He spoke about the current economic climate and possible influences this might have on sponsorships for MOCA. He noted that this venture could present many opportunities for the university.


President Delaney discussed details of the transaction, mentioning the following:

  • MOCA would become a DSO owned by the university.
  • UNF would have possession the art and all fixtures in the building.
  • Operational control issues were being discussed.
  • UNF would agree to a loan MOCA up to $1 million (talks were ongoing to reduce this amount to $500,000).
  • There was one piece of art gifted to the museum by the city which was limited by a reverter clause.
  • Debt payments would not commence until after two years. President Delaney noted that the museum would qualify for PO&M subsidies from the state.

President Delaney discussed the consequences of closing the museum, should the venture fail:

  • The university might lose all or part of the loan. This risk might be underwritten by liquidating the art, excluding the piece with the reverter.
  • The university would maintain title to all art, excluding the piece with the reverter. The art, including the piece with the reverter, might be displayed in the university gallery.

President Delaney summarized this discussion by noting that this partnership would elevate the attention of the museum and promote the university within the art community.


Trustees asked for clarification on the value of the art. The administration stated that the art was not formally appraised. Trustees asked that the university pursue something short of a full appraisal. The administration agreed to provide this information.


This discussion was for information only. No further action was required.

Item 7 Update on the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Reaccreditation Process

Chair Hicks asked Provost Workman to present this update.


Provost Workman stated that the university submitted its compliance report in September, which was reviewed by an off-site committee. He noted that the off-site committee returned 17 issues of noncompliance. He discussed these issues, stating that some were minor misunderstandings and few were substantive. He clarified that all issues would be considered before the focus report was put forward. (This report was due in January.) Provost Workman reported that the on-site team would be at UNF in February and would review the Quality Enhancement Plan at that time.


This update was presented for information only. No further action was required.

Item 8 Report on NCAA Compliance

Chair Hicks asked Vice President Owen to present this report.


Vice President Owen stated that the NCAA operating principle specified that compliance and education reports be presented to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis. She introduced Ms. Bronner, Director of Compliance, and asked her to present this report.

Ms. Bronner provided trustees with a guide to basic information applicable to all alumni, trustees, faculty and staff. She noted that this information listed things permissible and not permissible when dealing with the university’s student athletes. She presented a summary, as related to the athletes and NCAA rules, and discussed outreach efforts.


Ms. Bronner discussed the Academic Performance Program (APP) and noted that this program was the NCAA’s measure of eligibility and retention. She noted most of UNF’s teams were performing above minimum standards.


This item was for information only. No further action was required.

Item 9 Adjournment

With no further discussion, Chair Hicks adjourned the meeting.