University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Executive Committee

  • Meeting
April 26, 2007
Fine Arts Center at 1:45 p.m.

Members in Attendance

Dr. Taylor, Ms. Kendrick, Ms. Thompson, Mr. Twomey

Other Trustees Present

Ms. Crawford, Mr. Damiano, Mr. Gonzalez, Dr. Klostermeyer

Staff in Attendance

President Delaney, Dr. Serwatka, Ms. Stone, Dr. Workman


The Executive Committee began the meeting by approving the minutes from the January 22, 2007 committee meeting.


Following approval of the minutes, Chair Taylor updated the trustees on the Board of Governors (BOG) approval process for new members of the Board of Trustees (BOT). This discussion focused on the nomination process, including candidates nominated inside and outside the Board, and the acquisition of names.


Chair Taylor discussed UNF’s Board vacancy and asked trustees for feedback from the list of candidates submitted to Chancellor Rosenberg and the BOG. Trustee Twomey clarified that the vacancy was a BOG appointment as opposed to a gubernatorial appointment. This discussion continued addressing the BOG’s consideration for appointments, including how much input they would have and how much input individual boards would have.


President Delaney spoke about a previous meeting with the BOG where universities were asked to provide input about the approval process for new trustees. In this meeting, the BOG recommended that local boards set up an internal process for trustee selection, to be reviewed by the BOG. UNF was one of a few universities that had followed through with this request and since this meeting the BOG had not created a formalized process.


Trustees talked about the current tone of the BOG regarding trustee selection, surmising that the BOG was looking to select trustees that would support the BOG structure and not serve as a minion for the president, or possibly encourage selling boardships to donors. The BOG also wanted to ensure that nominees would support statewide initiatives, as well as local initiatives. With that summation, trustees felt it might not be in the Board’s best interest to nominate potential trustees.


President Delaney spoke about an idea presented by the BOG that all potential trustees be interviewed by the BOG. All trustees were in agreement that this would change the scope of people willing to serve.

Trustee Twomey strongly suggested that the vacancy be filled with someone who was qualified and willing to serve as chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. He asked that this be communicated, in crisp terms, to Chancellor Rosenberg and the BOG. President Delaney said he would get a formal list of nominees from Chancellor Rosenberg and provide this list to all trustees.


Trustees discussed the metamorphosis of the Board, speaking about original appointments and the lack of specialization. New appointments might be specialized and aligned with the mission of the university – this was indicative of a highly evolving board.


Chair Taylor talked about Dr. Terry MacTaggart’s visit to the University. He said that Dr. MacTaggart felt that UNF was a very special institution with a talented and capable group of people who could achieve great things. Dr. MacTaggart’s felt the Board was very strong in terms of supporting the University.


Trustee Thompson said that now was the time for the University to think strategically and consider timing. She proposed that consideration needed to be given to the timing of new thinking or stability within the state system.


Chair Taylor offered appreciation to all trustees for their participation and adjourned the meeting.