University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
November 27, 2006
University Center at 8:30 a.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mr. Luther Coggin, Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mr. Justin Damiano, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steven Halverson, Mrs. Ann Hicks, Mrs. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Dr. William Klostermeyer, Mrs. Joan Newton, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Mrs. Carol Thompson, Mr. Kevin Twomey

Trustees Absent


Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. He introduced Mr. Nat Glover as Special Assistant to the President and welcomed him as a guest to the meeting.

Item 2 Approval of the Minutes

Chair Taylor asked for a vote to approve the minutes from June 20, 2006 workshop. The minutes were approved as presented.

Item 3  Chair’s Report

Chair Taylor stated that he and President Delaney recently attended a Board of Governors workshop and received ideas for peer review for the upcoming year.

Item 4 President’s Report

President Delaney spoke about Jacksonville’s crime rate, stating that many minority high school students never considered a college education. If they dropped out of school, the chances they would become involved in crime increased dramatically. He stated that there was a need for UNF to have a higher level of minority outreach which would better our community, keep kids in school and offer them a possibility of a college education. The University hired Sheriff Nat Glover in a part-time position to recruit these minority students.


President Delaney spoke about the University’s goals, stating that these goals intended to sharpen our mission and values, improve and demonstrate academic quality, integrate the culture of the institution, strengthen and focus our community linkages and define our peer aspirations. He referenced the meeting materials and read a few highlights from a document titled, “Miami University, State of the University Address 2006.” He spoke about Miami University (Ohio), stating that it offered some characteristics we would want to consider for UNF.


Chair Taylor stated that Miami University (Ohio) had many parallels in values with UNF. He stated that the referenced document would be a wonderful framing document for discussion to address the goals of the year.


Trustee Halverson stated that Miami University (Ohio) was a well-regarded institution but encouraged the use of several aspirational institutions rather than a focus on one university.


Trustee Coggin stated that the focus needed to be on becoming the best in some niches, not on being all things to all people.

Item 5 Outside Consultant Evaluation for 2006-2007

 President Delaney stated that the University intended to bring in an outside consultant for the 2006-2007 evaluation. He stated that thought needed to go into how to approach this.


Chair Taylor stated that the Board should provide input and guidance, and provide leadership by contacting the Association of Governing Boards (AGB). He stated that the process should be completed by the end of spring 2007.


Trustee Crawford asked for clarification on the goals for this evaluation. Chair Taylor stated that this evaluation should take place every three to five years and would encompass a broader look at the University’s governance, including the Board and the President.


Trustee Thompson spoke about the recent presidential evaluation process, stating that the process went well but should be reconvened for further input and recommendations in an attempt to improve the process. She recommended that the same presidential evaluation committee or the Executive Committee look at what the goals were for the outside consultant’s evaluation and create an agenda for what they intended to accomplish.


Trustee Twomey stated that he would like to further discuss the presidential evaluation process. He proposed the Board needed to articulate its goals for the process and not leave it to the consultant.


Trustee Halverson stated the evaluation should begin with an internal focus on best practices by looking at institutions outside Florida. The intent should be to sharpen the institution’s vision prior to enlisting an outside consultant.


Chair Taylor suggested that it would be useful to reconvene the Executive Committee, and encourage all trustees to participate, to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Item 6 President’s Goals

Chair Taylor stated that President Delaney had reframed these goals to be consistent with the evaluation plan developed by the Board. He asked President Delaney to review these goals.


President Delaney stated that this list of goals intended to sharpen the University’s mission statement, since it was not articulated as strong as the Board would have liked. He spoke about an ethics statement for the Board, stating that articulating this would sharpen and focus the institution’s values and mission.


Discussion then moved to the institution’s measurement of academic excellence. Trustee Halverson suggested that these measurements come from analogues, using data from other universities who measure academic excellence. Trustee Abdullah suggested that measurements include business and industry and UNF’s connection to the local community, stressing the need for the institution to be responsive to the needs of local employers.


Trustee Thompson asked that the President’s goals include discussion regarding the University’s role in the community. Trustee Thompson suggested that a workshop be scheduled to further discuss the University’s role in the community.


Chair Taylor stated that the President’s goals might incorporate the University’s relationship with the community by adding more specific language. He suggested further discussion about the strategic plan.


Chair Taylor addressed the University’s flagship programs, asking how many of these programs should be pursued. President Delaney stated that the University wanted to have some top 20 programs. He stated that accomplishing this would help with external funding and lifting the profile of the University.


Discussion continued, addressing diversity among faculty and increasing faculty salaries. It seemed that the University was trying to hire new faculty at competitive salaries but existing salaries had not kept pace with compression and inversion. Consensus was that this was a major commitment for the Board and efforts were being made to intervene and address inequities.


Vice President Serwatka referenced the annual goals, stating that these goals were just for the upcoming year. The strategic plan addressed long term plans and faculty salaries were addressed in that document.


Trustee Kendrick asked about faculty salaries – when would the University meet its target. She stated that this issue needed further discussion prior to the upcoming budgetary process. Vice President Shuman stated that this item could be added to the budget presentation.


Trustee Kendrick asked if there were any designated stretch goals. Trustee Thompson stated that these goals needed to be determined by the Board. Chair Taylor agreed to add this discussion to the upcoming workshop.


Chair Taylor stated that several points had been brought up during this discussion about the strategic plan. He stated that the upcoming workshop would be limited to a few issues critical to the strategic plan. Trustee Crawford suggested that the President’s goals be cross-referenced with the strategic plan.


Chair Taylor asked that all trustees provide feedback through President Delaney and that this input be used to create a final version of the President’s goals.

Item 7 President’s Involvement in Public Policy and Political Issues

The Board took this topic up as its last item of discussion. The Board encouraged the President to remain judiciously and actively involved.

Item 8 Governance Issues

Vice President Owen stated that there were three major initiatives in Tallahassee. She listed these as (1) an attempt to draft a bill that clarified inaccuracies in correct Florida statutes, (2) a pending lawsuit seeking declaratory judgment between the BOG and the Legislature, and (3) a consultant hired by the Board of Governors (BOG) to look at the structure of the State University System (SUS). Vice President Owen spoke about each of these efforts, stating that it was her intent to apprise trustees so they would know what to expect.

Item 9 BOG Selection of Trustees for University BOTs

Trustee Thompson stated that with the new governor, changes might occur in the appointment of members to the BOT. She stated that it was important to look at the process and make recommendations to the new governor.


Trustee Halverson stated that he felt it was important to adopt a proactive point of view and to outline what an ideal board would look like. He suggested that this Board should create a well thought out plan and identify people who would fill these slots.


President Delaney stated that this would be a good workshop topic – to sketch out how the ideal board would look.

Item 10 Discussion on Scholarship for Merit and Need-Based Students

This item was deferred to a later date.

Item 11 Adjournment

Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.