University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
November 27, 2006
University Center at 8:30 a.m.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of the Minutes (June 20, 2006)

Chair Taylor will ask for approval of the minutes.

Item 3 Chair’s Report

Chair Taylor will address the Board and present the Chair’s Report.


Joannie Newton be arriving late, but when she does come we would like to take a fifteen minute break to get a group photo of the Board.  This will be the first time we will have all of the trustees together. The photo shoot is set up in another room and the photographer knows we can’t spend a lot of time on this.

Item 4 President’s Report

President Delaney will address the Board and present the President’s Report.


John will be referencing the Miami of Ohio document. This went out to the Board as an email attachment and is in their packet.

Item 5 Outside Consultant Evaluation for 2006-2007

The purpose of this discussion is to address the hiring of an outside consultant to evaluate the President and the Board at the end of this academic year.


The suggestion from the Board was to hire a consultant through AGB (Association of Governing Boards) to evaluate the President and Board’s performance.

Item 6 President’s Goals

The purpose of this discussion is to review the President’s goals.


Both the Chair and President have worked on these.  They reflect the recommendations made by the Board.  They follow the evaluation format developed by the Board.

Item 7 President’s Involvement in Public Policy and Political Issues

The purpose of this discussion is to address the President’s involvement in public policy and political issues.


This is the issue that Chip raised, but it also has implications concerning John’s ability to connect with and influence public policy.

Item 8 Governance Issues

The purpose of this discussion is to address the governance bill for higher education.


Janet will set the stage on this issue.  It starts with the governance bill but also includes questions about (a) how to get the system to act as a system as opposed to 11 independent institutions and (b) the relationships among the institutions, the BOG and the Legislature.

Item 9 BOG Selection of Trustees for University BOTs

The purpose of this discussion is to address the approach to identify potential Board nominees.


The Governor appoints 6 trustees, the Board of Governors appoints 5 trustees, and 2 are ex officio (Faculty Association and Student Government).  The issue at hand is how we influence the selection process and how we choose our recommendations to the BOG and to the Governor. 

Item 10 Discussion on Scholarships for Merit and Need-Based Students

The purpose of this discussion is to address merit scholarships.


Board members have questioned if we need merit scholarships if the State funds Bright Futures Scholarships.  We will need these to attract and keep bright students in Jacksonville.  They have also proven to increase retention rates.


Other Board members have been concerned about having adequate need-based scholarships. We have data on how much we are currently offering and how much of the known need is being covered.

Item 11 Adjournment