University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Workshop
June 20, 2006
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Mr. Kevin Twomey, Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steven Halverson, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Dr. Judith Solano, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Mrs. Carol Thompson, Mrs. Ann Hicks, Mr. Justin Damiano, and Mr. Luther Coggin (Via Conference Call)

Trustees Absent

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mrs. Joan Newton


Ms. Linda Malloy and Ms. Connie Hodges of United Way made a special presentation to President Delaney, thanking him for his service to the 2006 United Way campaign. This campaign was one of the most successful in United Way’s history with the largest percentage increase in four years.


Chair Taylor congratulated Trustee Ann Hicks for her Lifetime Achievement Award and Dr. Carolyn Stone for her Education Eve awards.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of the Minutes

Chair Taylor asked for a vote to approve the minutes from February 9, 2006 workshop. The minutes were approved as presented.

Item 3  Presidential Evaluation Task Force Report and Recommendations

Chair Taylor offered appreciation to the members of the Presidential Evaluation Task Force Report and Recommendations Committee – Trustees Halverson, Kendrick and Thompson. He also offered appreciation to Vice President Stone for her participation.


Chair Taylor stated that the Presidential Evaluation Task Force Report and Recommendations document was being finalized and asked that Trustee Halverson review this plan with the Board.


Trustee Halverson reviewed the Presidential Evaluation Task Force Report and Recommendations document dated June 20, 2006. He stated that the task force began by surveying the practices of other colleges and universities, as well as entities outside higher education. This process did not produce a template for presidential evaluations that the task force chose to emulate, so a plan was created using ideas that fit  UNF’s particular circumstances.


The task force felt that the evaluation plan should be derived from explicit values of the University and its strategic plan and set specific annual goals for the President. The Board should take responsibility for the evaluation process, which would also include a self-evaluation by the President focused on advancement of goals and major institutional objectives. This review should be done annually, immediately following the academic year. With this list of criteria, the following process was recommended:

  • The process should be conducted by the Executive Committee of the Board, incorporating input from each trustee.
  • The process should be completed annually, commencing August 1st and concluding by October 1st.
  • The process would begin with the presidential self-evaluation which should be submitted to the Board chair by August 1st.
  • The Board chair would distribute the presidential self-evaluation, a summary of institutional objectives, and a presidential evaluation form to all trustees.
  • Members of the Board of Trustees would individually assess the President’s performance.
  • The Institution’s General Counsel would assemble these assessments into a single document.
  • The Executive Committee would convene to review the presidential evaluation forms from all trustees and the committee’s assessments.
  • At this meeting the General Counsel would offer, for review and approval, a final written evaluation form.
  • At this time, the Executive Committee would establish a recommended presidential compensation package for the following contract year.
  • The Board Chair would then meet with the President to review the evaluation and reach an agreement on institutional objectives.
  • A recommendation for the compensation package would be proposed at a September Board meeting.

The Board also recommended that each third year, they should engage an outside consultant to design and conduct a review of the Board’s governance, as well as the president.


Trustee Halverson moved on behalf of the Presidential Evaluation Task Force Report and Recommendations Committee that this proposed process be forwarded to the June 20th Board meeting for approval.


This would allow for the process to begin August 1st.

Item 4 Picking Aspirants Based on the Carnegie Classification System

Dr. Perkins presented information to the Board on the Carnegie Classification System and the criteria used in this classification system. The Board discussed how changing the variables could impact UNF’s classification.

Unlisted Agenda Item: UNF’s Budget

Chair Taylor stated that UNF’s second budget hearing would be presented at this time because there was no quorum at the June 16th Finance and Audit Committee meeting. He asked Vice President Shuman to speak on this item.


Vice President Shuman stated that this was not just a good budget year but, in fact, a great budget year. The proposed budget allowed UNF to fund current operations, as well as new initiative. She narrated a PowerPoint presentation and requested that this be made part of the record.


Chair Taylor thanked Vice President Shuman and commended President Delaney and staff for the excellent budget and stated that he personally appreciated it being tied to the strategic plan.

Item 5  Possible Acquisition of AOL Building

President Delaney spoke about the acquisition of the AOL building, stating that the University was asking for $35 million for acquisition and renovation, and talked about how over time this property would become a key acquisition for UNF. He stated that because of the delay of PECO projections, a conference call would be scheduled in July to further discuss this item. 

Item 6 SACS Standards Related to the Board

Discussion on this item was delayed.   

Item 7 Adjournment


Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.