University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
January 26, 2006
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mr. Luther Coggin, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steven Halverson, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Ms. Joan Newton, Dr. Judith Solano, Dr. Bruce Taylor, Ms. Carol Thompson and Mr. Kevin Twomey.

Trustees Absent

Ms. Toni Crawford, Mr. Tom Foran, Ms. Ann Hicks

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order and offered appreciation to everyone who participated in the dedication of the Martin Garris Police Building. She acknowledged the outstanding job Trustee Foran did, stating that the ceremony was very inspiring.

Item 2 Chair's Report

Chair Thompson updated the board on the recent SUS BOT meeting. She spoke about the legislative issues that were ongoing, stating that the board should be well informed about several important items, which she would present at a later meeting.

Item 3 President's Report

President Delaney thanked the board for their time and energy during the previous year, stating that while at times opinions differed the members of the board were extremely collaborative.


President Delaney highlighted two events – the naming of the Martin Garris Police Building and the UNF/Jacksonville University basketball game. He stated that the basketball game hosted 3,100 people and moved the university further from the commuter school image.

Item 4 Public Comment

There were no public comments.

Item 5 Revision of Bylaws

Vice President Stone stated that the first action item had been through the committee structure and approved. The proposed revision of bylaws, allowing for a consent agenda was now being presented for approval to the full board.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the revision to the bylaws. This motion was brought forth, seconded and unanimously passed.

Item 6 Consent Agenda

Upon passage of the bylaws revision Chair Thompson asked for a vote approving the items on the consent agenda. The following items were unanimously approved:

Item 6A Approval of the Minutes

Item 6B Approval of New Degree Programs

Item 6Bi Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Kdg/Primary Education

Item 6Bii Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Leadership

Item 6C Tenure by Reason of Appointment

Item 6Ci John McAllister, Dean, Coggin College of Business

Item 6Cii Marsha Lupi, Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Services 

Item 6D Student Code of Conduct

Item 6E Approval of Student Fees

Item 6Ei Activity and Service Fees

Item 6Eii Health Fees

Item 6Eiii Athletics Fees 

Item 6F Transportation Access Fee

Item 6G Write Offs and Delegation of Authority for Write Offs 

Item 6H Delegation of Authority for Change Orders

Item 7 Approval of 2006-2007 Parking Rates

Vice President Shuman stated that consensus among different university groups had not been reached on this item when it was first presented to the Finance and Audit Committee. However, upon further discussion, this proposal was being presented to the full board for consideration.


Vice President Shuman stated that the Parking Committee did have a split vote and this issue was brought to the President. The primary conflict was regarding the 2010 – 2011 parking fines. President Delaney approved an increase to $35.00 in two years and a subsequent increase to $40.00. Trustee Kendrick asked Trustee Foran to speak on behalf of the students regarding this. Trustee Foran stated that the students were in agreement with the proposal.


This proposal was in keeping with similar modes from past years – 5.8 percent raise in general parking and 9.6 percent increase in premium parking.


Trustee Solano asked for the record to reflect her opposition to this proposal, stating that the faculty and staff on the Parking Committee did not support this.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the 2006-2007 Parking Rates. This motion was brought forth, seconded and unanimously passed.

Item 8 Personnel Program

Vice President Shuman stated that this item had been fully vetted within the committee structure. There was one change, adding a sexual orientation clause to the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.


Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the personnel program. This motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed.

Item 9 Report from the Educational Policy Committee

Trustee Hicks reported that the committee met and voted on the items contained in the consent agenda. The committee discussed a bill before the State legislature proposing that community colleges be given further authority to offer baccalaureate degrees and UNF’s current rankings in the U.S. News and World Report. She asked President Delaney and Ms. Brayton to comment on both.

Item 9A Community College Baccalaureate Degrees

President Delaney stated that UNF’s position was not to oppose the community colleges awarding of bachelor’s degrees. The question was who should govern this process. He stated that this item would be further discussed at the February workshop.


Chair Thompson stated that this item was discussed at the recent SUS board chair’s meeting. She recommended that this item be placed on the agenda for discussion by the new chair. She asked that Vice President Owen and Vice President Workman provide further data.

Item 9B U.S. News and World Report Update

Ms. Shawn Brayton stated that the meeting materials included a lengthy text, over-viewing the report. She pointed out that UNF had moved up in the rankings -- from 55 to 54. UNF increased their retention rates, graduation rates, full-time faculty and yield rate. There were two areas that UNF did not perform well in – student/faculty ratios and class size.


Chair Thompson stated that the board needed to further discuss UNF’s surface analogues, determining who our peers were and who we were trying to emulate – who is UNF and who does UNF want to be.

Item 10 Report from the Finance and Audit Committee

Trustee Twomey reported that the committee had approved the items contained in the consent agenda. He then reported on the discussion items at the last committee meeting.

Item 10A Quarterly Budget Report

Vice President Shuman stated that the university was on track.

Item 10B Treasurer's Report

Vice President Shuman stated that since devolution, the university began investing independent of the State. These investments were receiving good returns.

Item 10C University Response to Operational Audit

Trustee Twomey stated that he felt the board had confidence in the management and controls the university had in place. He stated that the issues listed in the Operational Audit were being attended to.

President Delaney responded to the article in the Times Union addressing UNF’s Operational Audit, stating that he planned to spend some time with the Times Union.  

Item 10D DSO Budgets

Trustee Twomey reported that the DSO budgets were presented to the committee in response to an earlier request.

Item 11 Capital Projects Update

Vice President Shuman referred to the meeting materials, stating that she would keep the board informed of the status of ongoing facilities’ construction.

Item 12 Presidential Contract

Trustee Twomey stated that the board previously agreed to establish an ad hoc subcommittee to discuss presidential compensation and contractual terms. Subcommittee membership included Trustee Kendrick, Trustee Taylor, Trustee Twomey as chair, and Vice President and General Counsel Stone as staff.


Trustee Twomey stated that the subcommittee wanted a contract that would achieve three things – fair compensation relative to peers, retention, and rewards for good performance.


Trustee Twomey stated that the subcommittee was formed three months ago and there had been several meetings. He emphasized that the subcommittee made an agreement with Vice President Stone, ensuring there was no conflict of interest, not to discuss the details of these meetings with President Delaney.


Trustee Twomey stated that the subcommittee went through a very deliberate process, comparing President Delaney’s compensation with larger and smaller state universities. Through this process the committee concluded that President Delaney was currently underpaid.


The subcommittee proposed a contract that would include a base salary increase and both performance and retention bonuses, as well as paying for additional time in the State Retirement System and a yearly physical.


Trustee Kendrick stated that she supported the proposal from the subcommittee. She included that President Delaney was an excellent president and would move the university to the next step.


Trustee Taylor stated that he supported the proposal from the subcommittee, including that he believed the product was fair and equitable and addressed the retention and incentive parts of the puzzle.


Chair Thompson stated that she echoed the decision of the subcommittee and offered appreciation to all who participated. She stated on behalf of the board that the report was accepted and authorized the new chair, to be appointed at this board meeting, to continue these discussions and complete the contract.


Trustee Halverson stated that he wanted to highlight performance and accountability. He stated that this was the one foundation that led to the creation of the Board of Trustees – to provide clear accountability and high performance.


Chair Thompson stated that there was an evaluation of President Delaney for the previous year which documented specific accomplishments, some of which were significant increases in philanthropy and donor contributions. She stated that she was proposing as chair that the board approve a 15 percent one-time bonus to President Delaney’s salary. This proposal would be effective as of October 1, 2005. This bonus would serve as a tangible expression of appreciation.


Chair Thompson stated that this board was committed to retaining President Delaney – she was stating this verbally and asking for a motion to approve the one-time bonus to President’s Delaney’s salary. This motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed.


Chair Thompson then stated that this board was authorizing the new chair to complete these discussions.

Item 13 Election of New Officers

Chair Thompson spoke about her tenure as chair, stating that it had been a distinct honor to serve on this board. She stated that if one word highlighted the last four years, it would be “transition;” however, the board was now reaching stability. The thing she most appreciated was the board’s focus on what they should do and where they were going – not on what was going on around them. She looked forward to the board’s continued vision.


Chair Thompson stated that Vice Chair Halverson chose not to accept the position of chair. She opened the floor for nominations from the board.


Trustee Twomey nominated Trustee Taylor as chair. He stated that Trustee Taylor had served on the board for three years and was a member of the Finance and Audit Committee. Trustee Taylor was deeply involved with the School of Engineering, as well as with the university.


Trustee Twomey nominated Trustee Kendrick as vice chair. He stated that Trustee Kendrick had served on the board for three years. She was a member of the Finance and Audit Committee and periodically substituted as chair of that committee. She also served on the Presidential Contract Subcommittee.


Chair Thompson asked for other nominations and no others were brought forth. She asked for a motion to approve Trustee Taylor as chair and Trustee Kendrick as vice chair. This motion was made, seconded by Trustee Gonzalez, and unanimously passed.

Item 14 Recognition of Trustees

Chair Thompson offered appreciation to Trustee Douglas, whose board term ended in January. She stated that Trustee Douglas chose not to accept a nomination to extend his term. He served as the inaugural board vice chair, as well as chair of the presidential search committee. Chair Thompson offered appreciation to Trustee Douglas on behalf of the board.


Trustee Douglas stated that he felt blessed to be a part of this board. He said it was with mixed emotions that he didn’t accept reappointment but he had self-imposed standards regarding time spent on boards. He thanked the board for their unity of purpose and open discussions. Trustee Douglas offered his support to the new chair and vice chair.


President Delaney offered appreciation for Trustee Douglas’ time and tenure.


President Delaney offered appreciation to Chair Thompson, stating that she forced everyone to think and rethink. He presented her with a plaque and a gift from administration.


Trustee Douglas offered appreciation to Chair Thompson, stating that he appreciated the leadership she provided. He included that he had a great deal of pleasure and pride, watching Chair Thompson preside of the board and the university. He stated that she had risen to the occasion on every occasion; thus, representing the university well.


Chair Thompson stated that it had been a highlight in her life to serve on and work with this board. She offered congratulations to the newly appointed chair and vice chair, stating that the board needed to continue to be good stewards of the community. She concluded by stating that the community owned the university.

Item 15 Adjournment

Trustee Abdullah asked that board consider discussing a bill funding for-profit institutions at the next workshop. She urged the board to spend some time reading House Bill 387 and Senate Bill 1016. She stated that these two bills could have devastating affects on program development/enhancement for students with financial needs.


Chair Thompson stated that she would make a recommendation for a legislative update on this item and other legislative issues.


Chair Thompson recommended that the board look at the right committee structure for new board.


The meeting was adjourned.