University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Finance and Audit Committee

  • Meeting
December 14, 2006
University Center at 8:30 a.m.

Committee Members Present

Mr. Justin Damiano, Mr. Steve Halverson, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Mr. Kevin Twomey

Committee Members Absent

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Ms. Carol Thompson

Item 2 Approval of Minutes, September 28, 2006

Minutes for the September 28, 2006 meeting were approved.

Item 3 Open Comments

There were no comments from the public.

Item 4 Athletics, Health and Activity and Service Fees

Vice President Shuman stated that the Athletics, Health and Activity and Service Fees Committee was comprised of 50 percent staff/faculty and 50 percent students, with the chair rotating between these groups each year. She stated that there was a unanimous decision from this committee, regarding the proposed fees.


Vice President Shuman stated that the Legislature mandated these fees be no more than 40 percent of the matriculation fee. She spoke about tuition, stating a 3 percent increase would yield 77 cents for student fees, and a 5 percent increase would yield $1.36 for student fees – this committee based their proposal on the 3 percent increase (77 cents).


Vice President Shuman stated the committee was recommending an increase of 43 cents for Athletics and 34 cents for Student Government. She spoke about Athletics, stating this increase would allow this program to be more competitive in its conference. She then addressed Student Government, stating they had not received an increase in several years, despite the increase in student population and the impact this growth had on existing student programs.


Trustee Kendrick asked for clarification regarding Athletics – what would this department do with this increase.  President Delaney stated this increase would provide additional scholarships, funds for travel, recruitment and additional coaches for both women’s and men’s programs. Vice President Shuman stated this increase was not needed to balance Athletics’ budget but to allow the program to advance at a faster pace.


Trustee Halverson asked for clarification regarding the 40 percent cap on the matriculation fee – how did UNF rank within the SUS. Vice President Shuman stated that all other SUS institutions were close to the 40 percent mark, excluding Florida State University and the University of Florida – these schools ranked much lower because of their student body size and the large volume of athletic ticket sales.


Committee Chair Twomey asked for a motion to approve the athletics, health and activity and service fees. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Item 5 Parking Fee Options and Rate Schedule

Vice President Shuman stated the Parking Fee Committee had unanimously approved this proposed rate schedule.


Vice President Shuman previewed proposed changes as follows:

  • Housing permit holders were provided at a 1-to-1 ratio of spaces to permits; therefore, the price for this permit would increase 37 percent.
  • Discount permit holders would have shuttle bus access (planned for August 2007) and permit pricing for this category would increased 23 percent.
  • Two previous categories of permits, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and general, were combined to create a new category called “Premium.”
  • Other permit categories would remain near current amounts.
  • Permit pricing would be rounded to end in 0 or 5 in order to avoid the requirement that the Cashier’s Office stock a large number of $1 bills; however, by fall, permits would be purchased on-line which would help with the cash issue.
  • Day pass rates would remain the same.
  • Parking tickets would remain the same.

Vice President Shuman spoke about future parking spaces, stating that two parking lots would be going off line to accommodate the new student union and education buildings, and 1,000 new spaces would be built in the north lot.


Vice President Shuman discussed parking space inventory projections, stating current enrollment growth would require a new garage before August 2010. She stated that financial projections showed there would be a significant increase from the garage built in 2006-07, and long-term permit sales and increased permit rates would provide some debt service for this new garage.


Trustee Klostermeyer stated that he was a part of the Parking Fee Committee and felt this proposal received considerable thought, including consideration of many different combinations of categories and rates.

President Delaney stated that he realized how a modest swing in dollars would have a big impact on students and lower paid employees – this committee had been sensitive to that.


Committee Chair Twomey asked for a motion to approve the parking permit rates for 2007-08. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Item 6 Bylaws, SACS Revisions

Vice President Serwatka stated that there were two major changes to the bylaws. He addressed these changes as follows.


Vice President Serwatka spoke about the first change, stating that this change was to accommodate SACS criteria. He referenced the SACS criteria in the meeting materials, commenting that the items listed in red directly related to the Board’s and the President’s responsibilities. The statements listed in blue outlined SACS requirements regarding continuous improvement and scrutiny of specific programs and services. The statements in italics reflected recent changes in SACS criteria. Vice President Serwatka stated that the proposed bylaw changes addressed the operation of the Board, providing a clear statement of the role of the Board versus the President and the institution.


Vice President Serwatka addressed the second set of proposed changes, stating that at the request of the Board, the University was proposing an ethics statement for the members of the Board. This proposed statement was derived from similar statements from other universities and materials from the Association of Governing Boards.


Trustee Halverson stated that the language was healthy and a helpful representation of good governance. He suggested that logical explanations of Section 3 be added to provide guidance on interpretations. He also suggested that the Board adhere to the same policy regarding discrimination as faculty and staff.


President Delaney stated that he wanted to make it clear that the Board was allowed to recommend a good hire. He stated that the University wanted the Board to announce potential employment candidates. Trustee Halverson stated that good guidance should be provided so there was no ambiguity.


Vice President Stone stated that she would develop the recommended statements. Committee Chair Twomey asked for a motion to approve the bylaws subject to the suggested changes. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Item 7 Delegation of Authority

Vice President Owen stated that this item was being presented in preparation for the University’s upcoming SACS visit. She stated that the University determined a need for the Board to reaffirm the delegations of authority, in one comprehensive resolution. Vice President Shuman clarified that this action would present a clear statement of the President’s authority, and be found in one location.


Vice President Shuman stated that this item included one new delegation of authority which allowed for the transfer of funds from reserve accounts in amounts not exceeding $200,000. She stated that amounts exceeding $200,000 but less than $500,000 would require oversight by the chair of this committee, and amounts exceeding $500,000 would be under the purview of the full Board.


Committee Chair Twomey requested a report summarizing these transfers, regardless of the amounts, be prepared for oversight by this committee. Vice President Shuman stated she would prepare this report as part of the quarterly report.


Trustee Kendrick asked for clarification regarding the amount of transfers over $200,000. Vice President Shuman stated there were very few individual transfers over $200,000 but the upcoming relocation to the AOL building might result in larger transfers.


Trustee Twomey stated it was important for this committee to see all of these transfers. He asked that language be added to this delegation of authority reflecting these transfers to be reported back to this committee and/or the Board.


Vice President Shuman stated that she would incorporate the suggested change. Committee Chair Twomey asked for a motion to approve the delegation of authority subject to the suggested change. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.

Item 8 Transportation Access Fee

Vice President Shuman stated that plans were for a shuttle system to be operational by fall 2007 – contingent on the completion of the road to the northern lot, which was a part of the Master Plan.


Vice President Shuman stated that a consultant was hired to complete a transit route and vehicle needs analysis and this report would be available in January 2007. She stated this report would include two routes encompassing the north lot, the library and the AOL building, with four to five stops on each route and five to seven-minute headways.


Vice President Shuman addressed the costs of the shuttle system, stating that last year, the Board approved a transportation access fee of up to $1.60 per credit hour – the new fee would be determined when the proposed routes were chosen and would begin when the road to the northern lot opened.


Trustee Klostermeyer stated the timing of the shuttle system with the AOL building was crucial. He asked if there would be a final decision regarding the purchase of the AOL building prior to the shuttle system becoming operational. Vice President Shuman stated that this decision should be prior to the shuttle’s début; however, the full fee amount did not have to be charged. She stated that operational costs for the shuttle would be based on service hours and bids would be based on that.


This item was presented for information only. No further action was required.

Item 9 Quarterly Budget Report

Vice President Shuman stated that as of November 2006, 34 percent of the total budget was expended. She stated that it was anticipated that 99 percent of the total budget would be expended by the end of the fiscal year – at this point, there were no anticipated budgetary issues.


Committee Chair Twomey asked for clarification regarding reserves. Vice President Shuman stated that auxiliary reserves were being used for expenditures that did not qualify for Educational and General (E&G) funds; i.e., permitting for Greek Road, permitting for the sanctuary, etc. She stated that reserves which were high included money set aside for the student union, student housing, student medical center and student medical services – all of which were upcoming construction projects.


This item was presented for information only. No further action was required.

Item 10 Treasurer’s Report

Vice President Shuman stated that the report provided was as of October 30, 2006 – November numbers were not available on time for this meeting. She stated that the University had entered into a contract with Sawgrass Management and this company was working on custody agreements for three different investments.


Committee Chair Twomey asked that a meeting be scheduled between himself and Vice President Shuman to discuss each of the three investments. Vice President Shuman agreed to schedule this meeting.

This item was presented for information only. No further action was required.

Item 11 Audit Update

UNF’s Director of Internal Auditing, Dr. Marty Khan, addressed the committee and gave an audit update, starting with his review of the Honors Program. He stated that as a result of his recommendations there were more frequent meetings between the Director of Honors and Dr. David Jaffee, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Studies. Dr. Khan spoke about other issues addressed: delegation of authority and oversight from Academic Affairs, including issues regarding admissions and scholarships; and Transformational Learning Opportunities (TLO’s) guidelines.


President Delaney stated that it was the intent of the University to rejuvenate the Honors Program with oversight from Provost Workman and Dr. Jaffee. He stated that there was consensus that this was an excellent program and plans were to expand this into a four-year program, with increased management oversight.


Provost Workman stated that he was working to extend the Honors Program experience by integrating it with upper level programs to encompass all four years – this would create a sounder academic program.

Trustee Halverson stated Dr. Khan’s report was a good one and it included objectivity and candor. Trustee Halverson stated that he supported the Honors Program and hoped to see the program become better, operationally and academically.


Committee Chair Twomey spoke about the Office of Internal Auditing’s Quality Assessment Review conducted by the Inspector General from the University of West Florida. He stated that he was satisfied with the contact between this committee and the Office of Internal Auditing but he would like to formalize a regular meeting schedule, two to three times per year, to include the Director of the Office of Internal Auditing and the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee – with an invitation to all other members of this committee.


Committee Chair Twomey stated that Dr. Marty Khan was highly regarded as a leader but there was concern regarding the small staff in the Office of Internal Auditing. He spoke about this discussion in previous budget meetings, stating now might be the time to formalize this issue.


Committee Chair Twomey stated that the University was growing and becoming more complex. He suggested that the Executive Committee meet to discuss this issue. Trustee Halverson concurred with this suggestion, stating this was good governance. President Delaney stated that recommendations would be forthcoming to hire additional staff in the office.

Item 12 Adjournment

Committee Chair Twomey adjourned the meeting.