University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Educational Policy Committee

  • Meeting
September 22, 2005
University Center at 11:00 a.m.

Committee Members Present

Ann Hicks, Toni Crawford, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Luther Coggin, Judith Solano, BruceTaylor  

Committee Members Absent


Other Trustees Present

Tom Foran, Carol Thompson  

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Chair Hicks called the meeting to order. She asked for a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was offered and the minutes were approved unanimously. 

Item 3 Establishing a Graduate School

Vice President Serwatka stated that the intent of this item was to change the name of the UNF Graduate Studies program to the UNF Graduate School. Graduate School was a common title used at many universities when a sufficient number of programs existed to justify a separate school. He included that most other universities represented their graduate programs/schools with this title – exceptions were the University of West Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University. This change would also add prestige to UNF’s graduate programs.


Vice President Serwatka stated that everything was in place to support a separate Graduate School – a graduate dean, the Office of Graduate Studies, a graduate council and an appropriately staffed graduate faculty. He stated that the Graduate School would be accountable for appointing these faculty members and maintaining policies and regulations governing this school.


President Delaney requested clarification regarding the Board’s role in approving this item. Vice President Serwatka stated that it was past practice for UNF to invite the Board to review this and other similar issues.


Trustee Thompson asked for clarification regarding the alignment, within the University, for the Graduate School – would the dean’s position in the Graduate School be exclusive to this capacity or would other functions be included. President Delaney stated that the current plan was to align the Graduate School with Academic Affairs and include the dean as part of the Academic Affairs staff. Trustee Solano offered her support for this approach.


President Delaney stated that the name change was nomenclature. The Graduate School would continue to operate under the same guidelines as before.


Vice President Serwatka stated that the Graduate School would be seated over all individual graduate programs, providing resources, editorial assistance, research assistance, etc.


Acting Provost Mark Workman commented on the appeal of having a Graduate School, stating that this created opportunity to distribute resources more effectively and create equitable relationships between colleges.


Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve this name change – UNF Graduate Studies to UNF Graduate School. This motion was brought forth, seconded and unanimously passed. 

Item 4 Degree Projections through 2012-1013

Provost Workman stated that based upon certain assumptions, projections and historical data, included in the meeting materials, UNF was considering adding two new doctoral programs, one being a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.


President Delaney stated that the industry now demanded that a physical therapist have a doctoral degree. Without offering this, UNF would have no reason to continue this program.


This discussion continued, addressing the Board of Governors (BOG) and their support of additional doctoral programs within the SUS. Vice President Serwatka stated that the BOG was reluctant to approve doctoral programs and was providing more support for baccalaureate programs.


Trustee Gonzalez asked if the BOG would be sensitive to the growth pattern within universities when making decisions about doctoral programs. President Delaney stated that the current mindset of the BOG was to dissuade additional doctoral programs but hope was that this would evolve.


Trustee Gonzalez stated that in order for an area to retain a work force with specialized training, a local doctoral program was imperative. If students left the area to pursue doctoral degrees, they would most likely secure employment in the areas where they received these degrees. Provost Workman stated that UNF was meeting the expectations of the BOG in doctoral and baccalaureate programs but perhaps, not the needs of the community.


Trustee Thompson suggested that UNF review the incentives of the flagship program in nursing, considering the growth in the healthcare field and compare this to State incentives.


Chair Hicks concluded this item, stating that this was brought to the committee for review only. No additional action was necessary.  

Item 5 Tuition Waiver Policy

Vice President Serwatka stated that this policy codified the way tuition waivers were allocated. He stated that this year, tuition waivers had been funded at slightly more than $1 million and this amount grew yearly based on enrollment and tuition costs.


Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve the Tuition Waiver Policy. The motion was offered, seconded and approved unanimously.  

Item 6 Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Vice President Stone stated that there were five changes being presented regarding the BOT Bylaws – the cycle or timing for electing Board officers (officers would be elected in January); clarity on the role of the Board chair, making it more consistent with University practices (the role of the chair was rewritten to address committee appointments and committee chair appointments, assigning this responsibility to the Board chair); deleting any language referencing annual Board meetings; additional language substantiating that the Board chair appoint a trustee, with applicable financial knowledge necessary to serve as chair of the FAC.


Chair Hicks asked for a motion to approve the proposed bylaw amendments. The motion was offered and seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.  

Item 7 Fall Enrollments/Student Profile

Associate Vice President Kaye stated that current enrollment numbers exceeded expectations.


President Delaney stated that anticipated enrollment would include students with higher SAT scores and GPA averages and future growth would be slowed allowing the number of faculty to catch up with the number of students. Associate Vice President Kaye stated that the number of freshmen students would also be reduced to accommodate the need for additional faculty.


Associate Vice President Kaye stated that minority growth had increased – particularly African American. President Delaney stated that this was accomplished even though there had been an overall drop in enrollment across the State of Florida.


Associate Vice President Kaye stated that the latest academic profile for an incoming freshman was a 3.59 GPA. The SAT scores were higher and this was attributable to the recent increase in Merit Scholarships. President Delaney clarified that this was the inaugural year for the Presidential Merit Scholarship – these funds were released this academic year.


This discussion continued, addressing future head count and class shape. The intent was for future enrollment to target transfer and graduate students; thus, maintaining or elevating the existing student profile.

Associate Vice President Kaye provided an overview of the current recruitment materials and presented the committee members with a sample of these items.


This discussion continued by presenting a summary of newly created support systems for Enrollment Services which were the One-Stop-Shop, Week-of-Welcome and the Advising Task Force. Associate Vice President Kaye referred to documents she provided, outlining and summarizing financial aid dollars and enrollment – past, present and future.


Chair Hicks concluded this item, stating that this was brought to the committee for review only. No additional action was necessary.  

Item 8 New Administrative and Faculty Hires

Provost Workman stated that UNF faculty came from a broad range of institutions and were recruited by systematic national searches. Progress had been made in achieving diversity, both in recruiting and appointing new faculty. He added that faculty salaries needed to be commensurate with the industry averages in order to attract and retain minority faculty – salaries of existing faculty also needed to be equitable.


Chair Hicks concluded this item, stating that this was brought to the committee for review only. No additional action was necessary.  

Item 9 Ongoing Administrative Searches

Provost Workman addressed the impending search for a new director of the library, stating that the pool had been narrowed to five candidates. He included that the positive synergy between the University and the City of Jacksonville might enhance the recruiting class for the new director.


Provost Workman provided an update on the newly created research position for Associate Vice President for Research.


Attention was turned to the search for a dean of the Graduate School. Vice President Serwatka stated that this search would be deferred, pending the definition of structure and alignment.  

Item 10 U.S. News and World Report

Considering time constraints, this item was deferred to the next meeting.  

Item 11 Adjournment

Chair Hicks asked for further remarks or questions and, having none, adjourned the meeting.