University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Educational Policy Committee

  • Meeting
March 14, 2005
University Center at 12:00 Noon

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Hicks will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (September 14, 2004)

Chair Hicks will ask for approval of the minutes from the September 14, 2004 meeting.


Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Item 3 Limited Access Program Request - B.A. Liberal Studies

This request from the College of Arts and Sciences asks for approval to make the B.A. in Liberal Studies a limited access degree program. Adding the designation of limited access is intended to signal to students the program’s intended use for exceptional and highly motivated students interested in a major outside of conventional disciplinary boundaries rather than merely a collection of unrelated courses.

Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Item 4 Master Plan Update

The State universities are statutorily required to develop a ten-year Campus Master Plan depicting the physical development of the campus. Every five years the Plan is updated reflecting the ten-year look ahead.

This 2005-2015 update began in April 2004 with a presentation to the Board of Trustees at a Planning Workshop. During the summer months, planning sessions were held to address three major projects: future student housing; location verification for Social Sciences; and location for the new Student Union. Eight focus groups involving a broad based group of students, faculty, and staff have interacted with the planners from September through January.

This Master Plan presentation will update the Trustees prior to seeking Agency review starting in April. Agency review involves sending the Plan to local planning agencies for their review and comment. Both BOT subcommittees will be updated at their May meetings and final approval will be sought at the June 16 Board of Trustees meeting.

Proposed Action -- Review -- No motion required.

Item 5 Adjournment

Chair Hicks will adjourn the meeting.