University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Finance and Audit Committee

  • Budget Workshop
  • Meeting
June 6, 2005
University Center at 9:30 a.m.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Twomey will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (May 19, 2005)

Chair Twomey will ask for approval of the minutes from the May 19, 2005 meeting.


Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Item 3 Review of Proposed PECO Submissions

Each year, Florida’s public universities are required to submit a Fixed Capital Outlay Request to the Board of Governors for potential incorporation into the Board of Governors’ budget request. At the same time, they also are expected to submit a Five Year Capital Outlay request.

The University of North Florida’s Board of Trustees is charged with approving and submitting the PECO plan for the University in consultation with the President. The attached table shows UNF’s proposed one-year and five-year capital requests (PECO). Each of the items included in this proposed request is consistent with the University’s strategic plan.

Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Item 4 Review of Annual Capital Outlay Plan

Per Florida Statutes 1013.61, the Board of Trustees shall, each year, adopt a capital outlay budget for the ensuing year in order that the capital outlay needs of the board for the entire year may be well understood by the public. This budget shall designate the proposed capital outlay expenditures by project for the year from all fund sources. Attached is the Annual Capital Outlay Budget for Fiscal Year 2005-2006.

Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Item 5 Educational Plant Survey

At least every five years, each Board shall arrange for an educational plant survey to aid in formulating plans for housing the educational programs and student population, faculty, administrators, staff, and auxiliary and ancillary services of the campus. The survey must reflect the capacity of existing facilities as specified in the inventory maintained and validated by the Division of Colleges and Universities. The recommendations for the survey team are consistent with the PECO request. This is to request approval of the president’s letter to the Florida Department of Education.

Proposed Action -- Approval -- Motion and second required.

Budget Workshop

Item 1 Follow-up on Questions from Previous Workshop

Item 2 Review of Auxiliary Budgets

Item 3 Tuition Increase

Item 4 Adjournment