University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
April 15, 2005
at 9:00 a.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Luther Coggin, Toni Crawford, O’Neal Douglas, Willie Gonzalez, Ann Hicks, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Judith Solano, Bruce Taylor, Carol Thompson, Kevin Twomey, Jerry Watterson

Trustees Absent

Edythe Abdullah, Steve Halverson

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

Quorum was verified. Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the minutes. A motion was offered, seconded, and unanimously approved.

Chair’s Report

Chair Thompson reminded trustees of the workshop from 12:00 until 4:00 p.m. at Baptist Health South on Tuesday, April 19. She said the workshop would include a working lunch and would be a continuation of discussion from the last workshop regarding funding and strategic issues.

President’s Report

President Delaney announced that a dean for the Coggin College of Business had been selected: Dr. John McAllister from Kennesaw State. Dr. McAllister received a unanimous recommendation from the selection committee. President Delaney thanked Trustee Coggin and Mr. David Smith for their involvement in the selection process. Dr. McAllister would start his new position with UNF June 30.

Trustee Kendrick asked for a biography for Dr. McAllister and President Delaney said he would send it.

Finance and Audit Committee Report

Trustee Kendrick gave the report. Ms. Kendrick said the Financial Statement Audit had been provided for the committee’s review, as had the Federal Awards Audit. No material items had been cited for the Awards Audit. The committee had asked Dr. Khan to make some changes to the charter and responsibilities for the Office of Internal Auditing and bring them back to the next committee meeting. The FAC also looked at signature authority to ensure the controls met with the Board’s expectations. Trustee Kendrick said Vice President Shuman had presented the quarterly budget report and the treasurer’s report. The committee also was given an update on the University’s master plan. Ms. Kendrick said one of the highlights of the report had been the announcement that the University would have roundabouts.

The only action item for the Board was the approval of changes to the fees for the Child Development Research Center. Trustee Kendrick said the changes were to bring the center more in line with fees for similar child care centers locally. Vice President Gonzalez went over the proposed changes, stating that the fee committee recommended increasing full week fees for students by $10, and half day by $7. There were no further changes recommended to the fee schedule for students. For faculty and staff, the cost for a full week would decrease by $10, but the registration fee would go up $10. The cost per full week for the general public would go down $20, and for two days (Tuesday and Thursday) would go down $5. He said the changes would make the center more competitive in the market, helping to recapture the public. Enrollment for the center had been at 90 percent before the center priced itself out of the market.

As there were no questions, Trustee Kendrick offered the motion to approve the changes on behalf of the committee. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the changes.


President Delaney said that, currently, Foran and Callahan had won by 190 votes, but a challenge had been submitted that could ultimately come before the Board as UNF’s administration had not yet asked the Board to delegate the duty. Trustee Watterson said he anticipated that the chief justice would deny the appeal. Trustee Gonzalez remarked that he was pleased to see that democracy was alive on campus.

In response to a question from Chair Thompson, Trustee Watterson said that both he and Mr. Foran, the Student Government president-elect, would be present for the planning workshop. As there were no further questions or comments, Chair Thompson adjourned the conference call.