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University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
July 17, 2003
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance

Dr. Edythe Abdullah and Mr. O’Neal Douglas participated via telephone. Dr. Terry Bowen, Ms. Toni Crawford, Ms. Ann Hicks, Mr. Steve Halverson, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Ms. Carol Thompson, Mr. Kevin Twomey, Mr. Jerry Watterson were in attendance.

Trustees Absent

Mr. Luther Coggin, Dr. Bruce Taylor.

Call to Order/Approval of Minutes

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order. She said that as the first order of business she would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. John Delaney, the new president of the University of North Florida. President Delaney was welcomed with a round of applause from the Board and the audience. Chair Thompson expressed her appreciation for the Trustees and all those who had participated in the presidential search process. Chair Thompson said she would also like to express her appreciation of Dr. Kline. Though she realized that the Board had thanked Dr. Kline by phone during the last conference call, the Board also wanted to acknowledge his service more formally. She presented a resolution on behalf of the Board to Dr. Kline recognizing him for his diligence, enthusiasm, commitment, and sense of humor during his time as Interim President and marking some of his contributions to UNF such as leading the process of transition to a new governance model after creation of the Board of Governors, facilitating the visit from Archbishop Tutu and in the renaming of the Coggin College of Business and the opening of Lazzara Theatre. Dr. Kline also received significant funding for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Center for Ethics, Public Policy and the Professions and actively contributed to the successful completion of the Access to Excellence campaign which raised over $100 million, far surpassing the $65 million goal. The Trustees and the audience applauded Dr. Kline. He thanked the Trustees, stating that he felt some things had been accomplished during their time working together and that he’d enjoyed working with all of them.

Chair Thompson asked for a motion to approve the minutes. It was so moved by Trustee Gonzalez and seconded by Trustee Twomey. The motion to approve the minutes passed unanimously.

President’s Report

President Delaney remarked that while he’d felt UNF was a special place prior to his appointment, his time at the University over the last two or three weeks had confirmed his impressions. He said that Dr. Kline, Dr. Serwatka, the vice presidents and the rest of the staff had been very helpful and he looked forward to several great years as president of the University.

Dr. Kline also had an update on several items. Enrollments were about the same as last summer and would grow slightly in the fall. He said SAT scores would increase significantly due to the decision to limit enrollment growth. Contracts and grants jumped to $15 million last year, a substantial increase over previous years. He said, about sixty people were hired for this coming year, 44% were women, 41% were white males, and 23% were minorities equally distributed between Hispanic and African American categories. Dr. Kline stated that he’d received a report on the minority spending program. The University was up 61% in minority contracts for the past year, only one other Florida university had a greater increase and every other university had a decrease. Chair Thompson congratulated staff on the significant improvement over the previous year, adding that the Board appreciated their efforts.

Educational Policy Committee Report

Trustee Hicks stated that the committee had met by conference call. Three items were discussed, all very straightforward. The committee recommended approval of the name change for the College of Computing Science and Engineering to the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction to be more reflective of college offerings. The recommendation originally came from an advisory committee and the college itself. Chair Thompson called the motion for a vote as no second was required for the committee recommendation. The motion passed unanimously.

Trustee Hicks asked for approval of the second motion to approve a new major in athletic training which was an existing track under a different major. This separate major was needed to retain accreditation. Chair Thompson asked for a vote on the motion and the Board approved it unanimously.

Trustee Hicks asked Dr. Gonazlez to speak to the revised constitution for Student Government. Dr. Gonzalez said that Student Government was requesting approval of their entire constitution including changes implemented since 1997. The Board unanimously agreed to approve the motion.

Chair’s Report

Chair Thompson reported that there had been some changes to the Board of Governors. Mr. Petway resigned from the Board of Governors. The vacancy left by Mr. Petway had been filled by Mr. Pete Rummel from the Jacksonville area. At their last meeting, the Board of Governors ratified the Board of Trustees selection of President Delaney and elected a new chair for the Board of Governors to replace Mr. Petway, Ms. Carolyn Roberts. Chair Thompson said Ms. Roberts had previously served on the Board of Regents and the Board of Education and would do an excellent job as chair of the Board of Governors. She added that she knew the Board of Governors was interested in feedback from Trustees as to how to best assist and would welcome any suggestions.

Finance and Audit Committee Report

Trustee Twomey said the meeting had been conducted by conference call on July 1. Three items were addressed. The first item recommended by the committee was a new admissions deposit. Students would pay a $200 non-refundable admissions deposit upon acceptance into the University. The deposit would be applied to each student’s fees upon enrollment. The deposit was intended to encourage students to attend UNF if accepted but would help to free up space for other students that might otherwise have been held for students who did not plan to attend UNF. Chair Thompson called the motion to a vote and it was approved unanimously.

The second item addressed was the reallocation of 2002-2003 PECO funds, moving dollars from the renovation of buildings 2 and 3 to the Thomas Carpenter Library. The addition to the Library turned out to be more expensive than anticipated. The committee recommended approval of the motion. Chair Thompson remarked that if it appeared that discussion on items moved quickly, it was not due to negligence but because the items had already been vetted through the appropriate committees.

Trustee Abdullah asked if the money for buildings 2 and 3 were for maintenance and renovation or for a specific project. She also wanted to know how the money would be replaced later on, expressing concern that PECO funds might not be available in the future. Dr. Kline replied that the money was for renovations after the Science department moved but that the move had been delayed in any case as the Science and Engineering Building was not yet complete. Additional PECO funds would be requested to replace the monies. He acknowledged that the availability of PECO dollars in the future was of concern but stated that renovation of buildings 2 and 3 would be of much less concern than other projects if PECO funds weren’t available. Dr. Kline reiterated that these funds were necessary to avoid compromise of the Library design, which had already been scaled back by 20 thousand square feet. Chair Thompson confirmed that all of the Board members were concerned about PECO availability and assured Trustee Abdullah that the issue was being monitored. Chair Thompson asked for a vote on the motion and it was unanimously approved.

The last item for discussion was the PECO request for 2004/05-2008/09. Trustee Twomey asked Dr. Kline to address the item. Dr. Kline said this plan was revisited every year and had been discussed with President Delaney. He added that the item included a request for funding to renovate buildings 2 and 3 as had been discussed previously. The University was only committed to the first year of the plan. Chair Thompson asked if there were any questions then called the motion to a vote. The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.

Enrollment Projections

Dr. Kline presented enrollment projections for 2004/05 through 2016/17. He stated that the enrollment projections had been produced in response to a request from the Division of Colleges and Universities. The projections were the best estimate of reasonable growth, taking into account past growth, demographic factors, and quality of graduates. Average SAT scores of around 1130 were assumed and growth of several new programs was anticipated. These projections were revised every year and required approval from the Board prior to submission.

Trustee Douglas asked if SAT scores of 1130 were average for the projection period. Dr. Kline answered that they were, adding that this year scores would be higher, about 1145, due to the decision to limit enrollment growth. Trustee Douglas asked if the scores were appropriate to the quality of students the University hoped to recruit or if they were reflective more of the quality of student the University was able to draw at this time. Dr. Kline commented that Trustee Douglas’ question was a good one, responding that higher scores would make it more difficult to recruit students whereas lower numbers would ease recruitment pressure. He said that, in his opinion, the current SAT score average was appropriate. Chair Thompson added that the topic had been discussed at the retreat last year and suggested its relevance as a topic this year as well. Trustee Douglas agreed.

Trustee Gonzalez asked Trustee Abdullah if she could provide information at the retreat concerning efforts at the community college level to prepare students. She said she would be happy to do so. Trustee Twomey remarked that he felt it likely that UNF would grow more quickly than was forecast and recommended further discussion on the topic. He asked for figures submitted by other universities to determine if they were using similar models as these figures would have implications in the allocation of resources.

Chair Thompson called for any questions or comments. Trustee Twomey moved to approve the motion. It was seconded by Trustee Gonzalez and passed unanimously.

Legislative Budget Requests

In response to a request from the Division of Colleges and Universities for proposals for legislative budget requests, Dr. Kline said three areas of interest had been determined in conversation with President Delaney: high need for teachers and nurses, improved retention, and compressed salaries for faculty in particular. Trustee Abdullah moved to approve the requests and Trustee Twomey seconded the motion. All of the Trustees voted in favor of the motion.

Legislative Update

Ms. Owen reported that during its June 23 meeting, the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) divided into 7 committees and she provided a list of committees and chairs. The next BOG meeting will be held on July 23 at UCF in Orlando. Four of the seven committees will meet, after which a regular meeting will be conducted to discuss university enrollment plans, the legislative budget request, and to consider degree programs,

Ms. Owen announced that the Legislature was in Tallahassee considering medical liability reform. The special session had been extended through Monday, July 21 at 7 p.m. Through the summer, Ms. Owen said UNF would be following action from the State Board of Education on the development of a K-20 Accountability Plan pursuant to HB 915 which required that common measures, definitions, standards, and performance improvement targets be adopted by December 1. A workgroup has been appointed and will meet through the summer.

Regarding the CEPRI study, Ms. Owen said that UF, FSU, FIU, USF, and UCF are now included in the feasibility study of five-year funding contracts with the state. Under the original UF/FSU plan, the proposal called for guaranteed funding for which the institutions would guarantee the provision of instruction for a specific number of students, job offers to teaching and nursing graduates, and the institutions would be accountable to the Governor and the Legislature. They would be allowed to set their own tuition and fees. In-state and undergraduate tuition could not be raised for the first year and Bright Futures would be provided at the same level as provided to private institutions. The two universities would receive PECO funding based on each university’s last ten year average of PECO appropriations.

Ms. Owen indicated that the entire budgeting system needed overhaul and progress under this plan would be monitored carefully to determine feasibility of the plan for the university system as a whole. Upon a question from Trustee Twomey, Ms. Owen told the Board that she believed the BOG task force, which was also looking at university funding, was considering this issue holistically to determine applicability to the entire university system. Trustee Abdullah reiterated the importance of University involvement in the process, relating a similar experience that had occurred at FCCJ - lack of preparation cost the college much needed funding. Chair Thompson asked if the task force appointed by the BOG would be comprised of trustees. Ms. Owen answered that the BOG intended trustees to have a role but said she was unsure what form that role would take. Dr. Kline said that while there may be some trustees, the task force would most likely consist of budget officers. Chair Thompson said she hoped for some representation from trustees on strategic issues rather than technical ones.

Ms. Owen provided an update on federal projects. $1 million has been awarded for a UNF project called Rapid Response Networking thanks to the efforts of Senators Nelson and Graham. She is working with the State University System federal lobbyist, Jim Pirius, and President Delaney to gain the support of Congressman Crenshaw and Appropriations Chairman Bill Young for this project in the House budget. She said our representatives were working hard to reestablish the $6 million HUBS project and reported that the Governor agreed to write a letter of support as well.

Chair Thompson thanked Ms. Owen for her report, stating that she appreciated Janet’s involvement. Trustee Gonzalez noted that the BOG meeting scheduled on July 23 was to meet at UCF. He asked when and if the Board of Governors would come to UNF. Chair Thompson said did not know of any meetings scheduled to come to the University at this time but said the Trustees were welcome to invite the BOG if they wished.


Chair Thompson apologized to the audience for any difficulty they may have encountered in listening to the discussion, stating that though the Board usually did not hold a conference call and meeting simultaneously, due to the summer schedule an exception had been made to encourage as much participation as possible.

Chair Thompson asked Trustees to examine their schedules so the strategic planning retreat could be scheduled as soon as possible. Committee structure would be examined during the retreat, Trustee Gonzalez had suggested a committee to oversee University facilities. Chair Thompson thought it important to talk about meeting governance and structure for meetings, as well as plan and strategies at the retreat.

The meeting was adjourned. Chair Thompson announced that the Trustees and the collective bargaining team would conduct a closed meeting in room 1095 at 3:30.