University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Educational Policy Committee

  • Meeting
February 12, 2002
University Center at 12:00 Noon

Inaugural Meeting of the Educational Policy Committee

Members Present

Trustees Ann Hicks (chair), Carol Thompson, Kevin Twomey, Lindsay Hodges, and Floyd Willis, and Judy Solano (for Kathy Cohen) 

Members Absent

Trustee Toni Crawford


Item 1 Call to Order and Welcome

Chair Hicks called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm.   She welcomed everyone and asked Provost Kline to make introductions of university personnel present.


Chair Hicks then discussed possible meeting dates for the next committee meeting.   It was agreed that the next meeting would be held during the first week of April.  Jim Van Vleck will poll committee members to determine the best day and time to meet. 

Item 2 Committee Overview & Orientation

Karen Stone provided committee members with a copy of the Educational Policy Committee description from the Board of Trustees’ bylaws and also provided a copy of current law concerning board of trustees powers and duties and presidential powers and duties.  She highlighted those powers and duties which were most relevant to scope of responsibility of the Educational Policy Committee.  She reminded committee members that all powers and duties of the board are subject to existing laws, along with rules and policies of the Florida Board of Education. 


Deborah Kaye, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services, then identified some of the responsibilities of the Admissions Office.  Ms. Kaye presented committee members with a packet of materials that is given to prospective students.  Provost Kline mentioned that UNF’s admitted pool of students average 1132 on the SAT, and the university would like to get above UCF who are close to 1140.  


Chair Hicks mentioned that powers and duties of the board are still somewhat uncertain and that a few local boards have done some preliminary work on outlining committee roles and responsibilities.   Jim Van Vleck then handed out materials he had gathered from other local boards within the state.  Chair Hicks asked Provost Kline to draft a working set of guidelines for the committee that will involve both academic and student matters for presentation and discussion at the April committee meeting.


Chair Hicks then asked about the status of the proposed new degree program in applied sociology.  Provost Kline explained that the proposed new degree program had not been placed on the committee agenda since the Faculty Association had not yet completed its review the proposed program, as he had initially believed.  He explained that the proposed program is now going through the Faculty Association and will be submitted to the committee and full board following the completion of the internal review process.  Provost Kline explained that this was consistent with UNF’s past practice for new program approval in that an internal review process would occur prior to seeking approval at the state level. Provost Kline indicated that he would expect that the board of trustees would not want to review and approve a new program which had yet to go through the full internal review process, including review by UNF’s Faculty Association. 


In response, Trustee Twomey said that the committee needs to be more proactive in the process rather than reactive and needs to talk about what success looks like.   He explained that there should be a process for more interaction to get the board engaged in the thinking process, not just approval process, including a discussion of the pros and cons of making decisions and the choices which were considered as a part of the decision making process.  Chair Thompson commented that the Board needs to understand the major goals (strategic plan) of the university and have a discussion about the different processes, such as the tenure process.  Suggestions concerning how the Board might address this need included the formation of subcommittees, the use of ad hoc committees and holding board workshops.  Chair Thompson said that she would raise the idea of a board workshop with the full board at its next meeting.  

Item 3 Discussion and Approval of Criteria for New Program Approval

The committee then moved on to a discussion of criteria for new program approval.  Provost Kline reviewed UNF’s proposed criteria for new program approval along with the format to be used in bringing forward proposals for new academic programs.   He explained that the Florida Board of Education has established general criteria which UNF and other institutions were required to incorporate into campus-based criteria.   He suggested one change to the criteria, namely that Section II B include both a description of how the program duplicates other programs (if it does) along with the rationale for adding the program.  Trustee Twomey recommended that the Provost be responsible for providing the pros and cons of adding the program.  Provost Kline agreed.  Trustee Willis asked about the frequency of new programs and whether the current budget situation would affect program development.  Provost Kline responded that 3-4 new programs are proposed per year and he hoped the budget situation would not last long.


Trustee Twomey moved approval of the proposed criteria for new program approval with the suggest changes.  Trustee Hodges seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Item 4 Review And Approval Of The Proposed Reorganization Of The Department Of Health Science Into Two Departments: Department Of Athletic Training & Physical Therapy And Department Of Public Health

Provost Kline then asked Dean Chally to give an overview of the proposed reorganization of the Department of Health Science.  Dean Chally explained that currently the College has two departments: the Department of Nursing and the Department of Health Science. She pointed out that Health Science is a large and complicated department that includes one undergraduate and four graduate degrees. The College is proposing to separate Athletic Training and Physical Therapy into one department.  The Department of Athletic Training and Physical Therapy would include an undergraduate program in sports medicine/athletic training and the graduate program in physical therapy.


The remaining programs would organize into a Department of Public Health. The Department of Public Health would include programs in health administration, community health, geriatric management, health promotion/health education, nutrition, rehabilitation counseling, and public health. 


Trustee Willis asked for specific reasons for the split.  Dean Chally indicated that specific expertise is needed for each area to provide appropriate and sufficient leadership and it would make it easier to recruit high-level faculty.  She further indicated that there is no cost to separate into two departments; there is a 12-month position that could be dedicated to hiring the Department Chair.  Trustee Thompson inquired about naming the new department public health instead of community health.  She said she believed agencies were getting away from using the term public health.  Dean Chally replied that they chose the name public health because the College is approved to offer a new program in public health and the name seemed inclusive of the programs to be offered in the department.  She would be glad to look further into this, however.  Provost Kline suggested that the committee could approve the reorganization with the provision that Dean Chally conducts a market research on the title.  Trustee Twomey move approval of the reorganization of the Department of Health Science as recommended by Provost Kline. Trustee Willis seconded.  The reorganization was approved.

Item 5 Adjournment

There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 1:06 p.m.  Submitted by Connie Corker.