University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
November 28, 2001
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Thompson will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (October 23, 2001)

Chair Thompson will ask for approval of the minutes from the October 23, 2001 meeting.

Item 3 Chair's Report

Chair Thompson will provide an update to Board members.

Item 4 Public Comment Period

Chair Thompson will offer an opportunity for comments from the public.

Item 5 Committee Reports

Item 6 Action Items  

Item 6A Acceptance of the Finance Committee Report Concerning Review of the University of North Florida Foundation, Inc. and Training and Services Institute, Inc. Audits (Attachment 1 and 2)

Item 6B Approval of Child Development Research Center 2002-2003 Proposed Fee Schedule

Item 6C Recommend Approval of Limited access Status for Graphic Design and Multimedia Tracks with the BFA in Fine Arts (Attachment 1, 2)

Item 7 President's Report

President Anne Hopkins will address the Board and provide her report.

Item 8 Information Items 

Item 8A Strategic Planning

Item 8B Campus Master Plan, Capital Improvement Program

Item 9 Adjournment

Chair Thompson will adjourn the meeting.