Planned Giving
Everyone Can Do It

Planned giving is frequently associated with wealthy individuals and families who desire to make substantial charitable contributions. In reality, the tool is a valuable method in which even donors of modest means can make a difference in the life of their chosen charity.

Spend a moment and review the ways in which you and your family can make a living legacy to the University of North Florida. Whether it’s a bequest (gift through your will) or life income gifts such as trusts and annuities, we are willing to work with you to find the most appropriate method to meet your charitable desires without taxing your existing income.

These are just a few examples of planned giving. For more information about the University of North Florida's life income gift plans, please contact, Chris Decent at (904) 620-2130 or via e-mail at


Through a bequest (gift through your will) you can feel good about your gift now but give it later.

Life Income Gifts (Trusts & Annuities)

In addition to bequests, we also help donors arrange life income gifts, which are:
Trusts (such as the charitable remainder trust), often created with highly appreciated assets, that pay income to you or your beneficiaries for their lifetimes with the remainder going to the University of North Florida.

The advantages of life income gifts at the University of North Florida include:

  • significant tax savings
  • good payout rates
  • greater diversification of investments