• Graduate Program
    Post-MSN Doctor of Nursing Practice

    The post-MSN Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of North Florida is designed as a program for those who already possess, at a minimum, a Master of Science in Nursing and specialty certification. This program is offered in online and on-campus formats.

    Program Objectives/Graduate Learning Outcomes

    Objectives for the program are based on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) essentials for Doctoral Education for Advanced Practice (2006). The program objectives build upon those for the masters in nursing program. The objectives (graduate learning outcomes) for the DNP program state that upon completion of the program the graduate will be able to:

    • Develop, implement, and evaluate new practice approaches based on scientific knowledge;
    • Ensure accountability for quality care and patient safety for populations with whom they work;
    • Demonstrate analytical methodologies for the evaluation of clinical practice and the application of scientific evidence;
    • Utilize technological information systems to evaluate outcomes of care, health care delivery, and quality improvement;
    • Develop, evaluate, and provide leadership for health care policy which shapes health care financing, regulation, and delivery;
    • Work collaboratively with transdisciplinary teams to meet health care needs of individuals and populations;
    • Analyze epidemiological, biostatistical, environmental, and occupational data for the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs of clinical prevention and population health; and,
    • Base practice on the application of biophysical, psychosocial, behavioral, sociopolitical, cultural, economic, ethical and nursing science as appropriate to area of specialization. 

    The program currently offers on-campus and online enrollment options.  For more information regarding the online format, please call (855) 478-2013 or go to http://onlinedegree.unf.edu/.


    For those who choose to enroll in the online delivery format, below are several tools/resources to review:

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    Technical Requirements  

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    Program of Study

  • Major: Nursing
    Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice
    Core Requirements (21 credits)
    NGR7768 Role Devel in ANP (3 Credits)
    NGR7871 Health Informatics for AP (3 Credits)
    SELECT one Epidemiology course
    • NGR6673 - Principles of Epidemiology for Adv. Practice
    • HSC6505 - Epidemiology
    SELECT one Statistics course
    • NGR7843 - Statistical Interpretation for Adv. Practice
    • HSC6512 - Applied Health Statistics
    SELECT one Policy course
    • NGR6892 - Public Policy Implications for Adv. Practice
    • HSA6905 - Health Policy
    NGR7850 Evidence Based Practice I (3 Credits)
    NGR7851 Evidence Based Practice II (3 Credits)
    Practice Residency (15 credits)
    NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3-9 Credits)
    NGR7974 Doctoral Project (1-6 Credits)
    Major Electives (12 credits)
    Select a track; Administration or Practice
    ADMIN Track
    • NGR6726 - Quality Management for Adv. Nursing Practice
    • HSA6435 - Health Economics
    PRACTICE Track
    • NGR7179 - Adv. Pharmacologic Management
    • NGR7154 - Advanced Bioscience
    • NGR7767 - Practice Management in Adv. Nursing and Healthcare
    ELECTIVE Select 1 or 2 electives
    • If completing Administration track, select two Electives at the 5000-6000 level with EDG, EDA, NGR, HSA, HSC prefixes in consultation with the Program Director.
    • If completing Practice track, select one Elective at the 5000-6000 level with EDG, EDA, NGR, HSA, HSC prefix in consulation with the Program Director.


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